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Glass Restoration 2009 DWM Green Award nominee, The Glass Guru, along with a growing number of companies worldwide, are recognizing the need to be responsible with our global resources. We also recognize the need to educate each other about ways we can all contribute to a growing effort to help slow the effects of global climate changes. We believe that companies and large corporations can have the most impact on this global problem. Waiting on any government to take action could be a long wait. Therefore, we are trying to promote the benefits of repairing glass, rather than simply discarding it, when it is possible. Below are some interesting facts. As an organization, The Glass Guru has successfully restored over 30,000 windows, saving millions of dollars and tons of glass from going in to landfills.


Making a Difference

Being in the restoration business, we have a unique opportunity to restore materials, thereby conserving both resources and energy. Educating people and business partners about these benefits is part of our company's effort to make a difference. The simple fact is that repairing glass is the sensible thing to do.


Repair vs. Replacement : True Costs?

Millions of tons of residential and commercial glass are dumped in landfills each year. Restoring glass and windows uses almost no energy when compared to the amount of energy it takes to manufacture and install new glass. It takes about 250,000 BTUs to manufacture 30 pounds of glass. You will feel good about fixing your windows as you'll not only be saving money but you'll be saving the planet!


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