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Soundproof Glass

Soundproof Glass

Too Much Noise?

Do you have noise problems? Are you annoyed by airport noise? Traffic? Barking dogs? Loud Neighbors?

SOUNDPROOF WINDOWS are what you need for sound control and noise abatement! How Much Noise Can Soundproof Windows Stop? More than 90% of all the exterior noise comes in through your doors and windows. An acoustically engineered soundproof window can reduce noise levels by 75-95%. More cost-effective than new replacement windows, SOUNDPROOF GLASS will act as a sound-barrier and eliminate your noise problem without replacing the existing window frames.


Major Features of Soundproof Windows

  • Solves your noise problem
  • No need to replace windows
  • An effective sound barrier
  • Saves energy - increases insulation values
  • Added strength and security from breakage
  • Creates a super-quiet, relaxing, low-stress environment
  • Provides a marketing advantage for the property
Soundproof Glass

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Don't Replace Your Existing Windows

Soundproof Glass


Laminated Glass

In most cases, we can help our customers achieve great sound deadening results by simply replacing the existing glass within the window frame with a custom combination of laminated glass to replace the original glass that came with the window. Laminated glass is made with two pieces of regular glass that are sealed together with a clear vinyl interlayer. The combination of the glass sheets and the vinyl provide for a much better sound barrier than traditional dual-pane glass. In addition to soundproofing, another benefit of laminate glass is the increased security that comes with laminated glass as is it much stronger than plain glass to breakage from intruders or flying debris. If broken, the interlayer holds the glass together similar to windshield glass. Laminated glass also significantly reduces UV radiation which helps to preserve your carpets and furniture from the damaging rays of the sun.

Soundproof Windows Work!

Our soundproof windows will reduce noise levels significantly compared to standard dual pane or replacement windows. You will love the peace and quiet that comes as result of acoustically engineered soundproof glass windows!

"We live in a house that backs up to very busy street. You might say a mini freeway. The traffic noise has been a problem that has just continued to get worse as the traffic has increased. Now we have the two bedroom windows with laminate glass in them and all we hear is just a bit of the traffic. It is more like background noise and we sleep just fine. And the loud stereos seem to just go away. Thanks Glass Guru for the peace and quiet..."

Gary, Roseville, CA

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