Cold Weather Window Installation

Most proprietors get the wrong impression when discussing window and door installation during winter. According to them, doing such is not a good idea for the reason that profuse amounts of cold air will come inside or inadequate installation will be achieved. However, those misconceptions are false. Window or door efficiency is not affected when installed amidst the snow.

During winter, more time is needed to install windows because a tent made of plastic is built around the opening so as to block cold air from coming in. As a matter of fact, exposure of such opening to the cold would only take 20 minutes to an hour. Likewise, the same principle is followed during door installation.

For a quick installation process, preparation of new products to be set up must be done. At this point, the old window is removed with its opening to undergo cleaning. Once cleaning is done, rotten wood replacement, sill pan placement, or other modifications can be executed. After which, the new purchased window can be installed securely into the opening.

In the event that replacement is required for more than one window, removal of each window is done one at a time so as to lessen the escape of heat. On the other hand, during summer, all windows involved can be ousted all at once.

Painting, e.g., cedar trim, can be done at certain times. Although painting the external portion is apparently not applicable during winter, the cedar’s integrity will last throughout the cold weather. In addition, pre-primed cedar can be a good choice, yet raw and natural cedar will do just as fine.


Window Replacement Indications

If free flow of air is observed on the window, then now is the best time to replace it. Once condensation accumulates between a double-pane glass window in the morning, its sealing capacity fails; therefore such window is not functioning efficiently as it was before.

Condensation accumulating on the interior is an issue of moisture and must be addressed accordingly. Furthermore, the accepted household moisture level is between 30% and 32%. If humidity goes beyond that percentage, then condensation takes place indicating possible replacement.

A piece of advice a homeowner may follow is that blinds should not be entirely closed when in use. Instead, about 2 inches of it should be left open from the bottom so as to ensure warm air to rise over the glass preventing condensation from happening.

Finding the Window of Choice

Oftentimes, instead of browsing the gallery beforehand, people contact the Glass Guru to conduct a home visit to ask for better options regarding window installation. If browsing at the showroom is done first, its personnel can help discuss other alternatives regarding the process of window installation. However, a mandatory visit at home must be observed so as to obtain the right measurements, determine whether replacement of materials is necessary, or discover any other important issues that affect window efficiency. Once these are done, prices can be figured out.

Other companies employ compelling sales strategies that insist its customers to purchase its products. However, for the Glass Guru, that is not the case. This company does not promote an atmosphere of pressure to its customers. Instead, relevant facts and details are presented for these homeowners to decide if they wish to continue in purchasing its products. Moreover, for homeowners to come up with the best and well-informed decision, the Glass Guru exists to assist them in laying all available possible options for them to choose. If the homeowner is decided to push through with the installation, the schedule is set up after the mandatory visit. On the other hand, if the homeowner is not decided yet, the Glass Guru gives them an ample amount of time to clear their minds. Its personnel can do the papers and return in no time.

When a schedule is set and agreed upon, the involved windows are measured again to get the perfect fit. After which, the desired products are ordered. When arrival of the products is near, homeowners are contacted to discuss the date of installation.

On another note, selecting the ideal door takes more time for there are a number of reasons that need to be considered such as material, style, hardware, paint, wood grain, interior moldings, etc. For window installations, ideas that will work and will not work are given as well.

The Glass Guru’s experts are readily available to help its customers in finding that window or door product perfect for their respective budget and home. With all these in mind, rest assured that the Glass Guru is there to help the public all year round.

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