25 Window Replacement Tips & Facts

To provide a brief yet relevant information to potential window buyers, The Glass Guru provides a trivial 25-item guideline for its customers to take note of in purchasing that perfect new/replacement window:


  1. According to the US Department of Energy, ineffective and leaking windows, skylights, and glazed doors contribute at least a quarter to the average household energy bill paid. However, this can be cut down by purchasing replacement windows from the Glass Guru. This said company offers a wide selection of energy-efficient windows manufactured to reduce excessive energy consumption.


  1. Thirty percent of light is given off more by skylights compared to vertical windows of identical size.


  1. According to Andersen Windows, Inc., 15% of a typical home’s wall space is taken up by windows.


  1. Using ¼ inch to 1 inch of air/argon in between double-pane windows can reduce noise effectively because wider air spaces and thicker glass can bring about significant noise reduction.


  1. The majority of window manufacturers recommend that windows should be replaced after 20 years of continued use. To detect inefficient windows, the Glass Guru provides a guide to its customers. For example, painted shut windows and sealed ones qualify as inefficient. Furthermore, the presence of drafts, condensation, ice, and/or frost on windows is also a definite sign of window inefficiency.


  1. Windows of standard sizes can be added with custom grilles because these features do not necessarily increase the original price of these windows. A local retailer, the Glass Guru in particular, can be of great help in offering an array of additional window features and costs from the best manufacturers.


  1. To consistently provide insulation during extreme temperatures, solid wood can be used. However, this material is expensive, requires utmost maintenance, and can possibly swell and contract over time.


  1. Aluminum is sturdy, cost-effective, and low maintenance, yet it conducts heat and cold easily.


  1. For the affordable vinyl, low maintenance is needed. However, its color may fade in the future.


  1. Among the materials used to make windows, clad is the most expensive one. Its wooden frame on the inside promotes heat and cold transfer, while its aluminum or vinyl shell on the outside requires only low maintenance.


  1. Composites are stronger and more stable compered to vinyl and wood. The price range of this product is in between the two. These can be painted in order to complement with the decors at home.


  1. Low-emissivity (low-E) glass possesses a thin coat of metal that bounces heat back to its source. This glass keeps heat inside during winter and outside during summer. Moreover, energy consumption can be reduced through the use of low-E coatings. Not only that, UV rays are also blocked as 95% of natural light is allowed to enter.


  1. Special glass treatments, such as frosted and bubbled glass and glass block, are available in the market. Perfect for ground-level bathrooms, these products can capture light while visibility is limited.


  1. Instead of suffering from window cranks that interfere window treatments, fold-down handles of casement and awning units offered by the Glass Guru render sufficient clearance for shades, blinds, and window treatments.


  1. Introducing the Suspended Particle Device technology! With this breakthrough, homeowners can use a switch to regulate the dimness of the light passing through the window. Also, this technology can be installed to both new and actual windows at home.


  1. Energy costs and glare can be reduced through professionally window coatings available in the market. Aside from that, fading on the flooring and fabrics caused by the harmful UV rays can be prevented by these said coatings.


  1. In addition, a dual-action coating is specially formulated to clean windows. This special coating breaks down organic matter present on the glass.


  1. Casement is a type of window, offered by the Glass Guru, that can be used with transom, awning, and picture windows. Since this type is easy to crank open, it is perfect to install over countertops, sinks, and appliances so as to minimize any difficulty.


  1. The Glass Guru’s awning window type can be used favorably with fixed windows. It can be manufactured in any size.  During light rain, it is designed to remain open.


  1. According to recent magazine report, awning windows reduce solar heat gain as much as 77%, while light-color shades reduce only as much as 43%.


  1. If a classic style is desired, then single- and double-hung windows from the Glass Guru are the perfect fit. With this type, ease during lifting, tilting, and cleaning this type is guaranteed. Not only that, these windows do not bulge when installed in patios, walkways, and porches.


  1. Glass Guru’s Gliding windows are suitable for basement areas since they provide a considerable amount of light and they are qualified for egress requirements. Similar to single- and double-hung windows, they do not protrude and use up space on patios, walkways, and porches.


  1. Fixed windows are designed for mainly architectural purposes as they admit light and provide views.


  1. For a heightened security level of the home, the shatterproof glass is manufactured to combat harsh weather conditions and robbery. To achieve this, a piece of plastic is placed in between the glass pane. In addition, this type of glass is 2 to 4 times stronger than the standard window glass. Being as efficient as the low-E glass, these windows are able to promote noise reduction. In certain hurricane-prone locations, this type of glass is a requirement enforced by a code of law.


  1. Resistance to heat flow is measured by the window’s R-value, and window efficiency is directly proportional to the window’s R-value, meaning that as the R-value increases, window efficiency also increases. The rate of heat transfer from inside to outside the home is represented by the U-factor. In contrast to the R-value, window efficiency is inversely proportional to the window’s U-factor, so as the U-factor decreases, window efficiency increases. To measure the amount of heat the home gains from the sun, the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) is used. SHGC is directly proportional to the heat that is gained, meaning that as the SHGC decreases, heat gain also decreases.


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