Bathroom Cleaning Made Easy With Glasstastic

Toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks provide utmost comfort and convenience to us, humans; therefore, we in return must give these bathroom fixtures that cleaning attention they truly deserve. Fortunately, bathroom cleaning nowadays is made easy

with these effective methods in disinfecting and cleaning these bathroom essentials:

Facing a plethora of dirt and grime on a daily basis, keep the sink neat by cleaning it regularly. To get rid of light soil and film, apply an all-purpose bathroom cleaner on the sink’s surface. When unwanted deposits have accumulated and hardened, remove them using some abrasive or soft-scrub cleaners as they are washed away from ceramic surfaces effortlessly. Aside from that, bleach-formulated cleaners disinfect the sink while eliminating toothpaste residues. If commercially sold cleaners are not the product of choice, then homemade cleaners can be utilized to keep the sink tidy. Minus the harsh chemicals and price tag, these natural cleaners are still effective in keeping the sink spotless and squeaky clean. To clean the rim and other fixtures, use an all-purpose bathroom cleaner or a disinfecting spray glass cleaner. Once done cleaning, add more sparkle and shine by wiping with fresh cloth to keep these fixtures dry.


Showers and Tubs
From hair and body products to soap scums, showers and tubs endure a constant bombardment of filth that compromises the shine of their surfaces. Furthermore, faucets, tub rims, and other fixtures serve as areas for mold, mildew, and moisture to thrive. Also when showers and tubs are not in use, deposits harden easily as mold and mildew multiply along its dark areas. For smart cleaning, learn to harness cleaning power and time in managing showers and tubs.

To start with, scatter a liberal amount of all-purpose bathroom cleaner on the tub area and let it stay. Then work on the other areas of the bathroom while waiting for the cleanser to seep and dissolve the soap scum and oils. Because of that, there is much lesser need to use elbow grease in removing such stubborn grime. After which, scrub the tub with the help of scrubbing pads to get rid of bathtub deposits or rings on the shower floors. Make use of a tile brush to remove tile grout along the corners and crevices as its handle prevents the knuckles from touching the tub accidentally. In addition, to quickly remove some residue buildup around the faucet or tub fixtures, a cleaning toothbrush can be of use. When all the necessary scrubbing is done, rinse the tub with thoroughly with water from a detachable shower-head or from any water source available.


Fiberglas Showers and Glass Doors

Surfaces such as these require a distinctive method of cleaning. Nonabrasive cleaners such as pine oil, baking soda, or an all-purpose bathroom cleaner can be used to clean the shower doors. Utilizing scrubbing pads or abrasive cleansers must be avoided because using them highly increases the possibility of scratching or dulling the shower finish. Clean cloudy glass shower doors through a commercial product such as Glasstastic. While using these products, ensure adequate ventilation and cover the skin and clothing for protection.

Among all the bathroom fixtures, the toilet is indeed the least likable area to clean. However, the toilet satisfies our basic need of eliminating our waste, so keeping it clean for hygienic purposes is a must. In order to ensure a clean and inviting toilet, use a granulated or liquid toilet bowl cleaner to clean it. Pour a sufficient amount of the said cleaner into the toilet bowl and let it stay for a period of time. The longer the standing time, the better as ample amount of time is needed to kill the germs and dissolve accumulated deposits.

After which, brush the toilet using a good and functional bowl brush. Mashed or flattened brushes need to be replaced as its bristles are not effective enough in removing tough dirt and deposits. To scour up and under the toilet rim, curved bowl brushes are perfect in scrubbing deposits hidden under these hard-to-reach areas.

In cases when regular scrubbing is unable to remove a stubborn ring that developed in the toilet, make use of a pumice stone. It is naturally porous and crumbles upon usage. To successfully remove the stubborn ring, directly rub the pumice on the affected area.

Disinfect the toilet bowl afterwards with the use of an all-purpose bathroom cleaner or a disinfecting cleaner sprayed on the toilet seat and lid, rims, tank, and exterior bowl. A recommended standing time is usually given among antibacterial products, so check the label first to know the required amount of product exposure to get rid of germs. Once done, wipe the toilet with fresh cleaning cloths until dry.

Males of all ages are expected to leave drips and dribbles on the toilet upon urinating. This urine drip may result to odor problems and even floor damage if it remains at the toilet base. A solution to this problem would be assigning the toilet drip-removing job to the offenders themselves using a disinfecting cleaner and toothbrush.

But when management of any of these bathroom essentials is not enough to save the bathroom’s functionality and repair becomes the next option, no need to worry. The Glass Guru is here to help. Having some of the best professional experts in terms of bathroom fixture repair, guaranteed that all bathroom-related problems will be fixed accordingly. However, when push comes to shove and repair cannot solve the issue, The Glass Guru is more able to lend a hand. With a diverse array of bathroom fixture products from shower enclosures to glass shower doors, rest assured that a perfect-fit replacement is available for every customer. Delivering products in a complete, accurate, and timely manner, the Glass Guru also provides assistance in appropriately installing its products for utmost customer convenience.

So in order to prevent any worst bathroom scenario from happening, utmost care and attention in maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom should remain of paramount importance. Always remember to take note of these easy ways in cleaning every bathroom fixture, and no doubt, following these steps will pave a good way toward a perfect bathroom experience.

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