Fogged Window Repair Options

Fogged Window Repair Options

Having difficulty getting rid of stubborn fog on double- or triple-glazed windows? Worry no more as the Glass Guru shows some steps on how to remove this fog for good.

To begin, gas is incorporated in between window glass panes, usually two- or three-paned ones, a.k.a. insulating glass units (IGUs). This said gas acts as a thermal break in regulating the temperature inside and outside the household. But thermal regulation becomes more enhanced if dense gas, such as argon and krypton, fills the window space. Since these gas forms are denser, slower molecule movement is observed. As a result, cold air from the outside enters the house slower than the usual, thus regulating the warm temperature of the house inside.

However, this breakthrough in window technology is not perfect as issues continue to persist. Air eventually escapes from the window space in the long run. Perfecting the sealed environment is not yet achieved due to negative factors affecting it. These factors include sunlight, water, water vapor, wind loads, working loads, and fluctuations of the temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Once the window seal fails, the desiccant between the window panes becomes saturated with water. This means that the window’s last line of defense has become dysfunctional. At this point, tiny water droplets accumulate inside the window panes, thus resulting to formation of fog.

To solve this problem, the Glass Guru offers the following helpful options regarding fogged window management:

1. Replace the Entire Window

One option would be replacing the entire window. Although total repair can be achieved, it is most likely the most expensive option. Furthermore, companies have the tendency to charge more if replacement is on a per-window basis. But if the homeowner wishes to start anew, then the Glass Guru offers a diverse array of thermally efficient window panes perfect for replacement.


2. Defog the Window

Defogging is done by boring tiny holes (2 mm) on the panes and spraying cleaning solutions inside. After which, the sprayed solutions are left to dry and then vents are installed in those holes. Choosing to defog the window eliminates the fog, yet the expelled gas is not returned back to the space. Furthermore, it has been estimated that all IGU units lose 1% of gas annually. Not only that, compared to window replacement expenses, window defogging costs just only a half or one third of it.

Window fogging can be bothersome to homeowners; however, options to solve this problem are given to put an end to this fogging nuisance. It is up to the homeowner to decide which option is the best.

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