How To Pick Your Back Door


The significance of back doors should never be taken for granted since they serve as the second portal of entry towards your humble abode. Aside from that, access to your backyard, deck, or patio becomes easily accessible through the presence of back doors. In line with this, The Glass Guru showcases a wide selection of back door units with remarkable design and functions that truly make the atmosphere of your backyard appealing and beneficial as much as possible.


To start, we all know that the back portion of every home is usually hidden to everyone except of course the homeowners themselves; therefore, hiding the interior areas of the household is not considerably important. To further help the homeowners in finding the perfect back door, The Glass Guru offers a diverse array of back door options to its customers such as sliding doors and French doors.


Aside from its contribution towards the overall aesthetic impact of the home, back doors also prevent the harmful rays of the sun from penetrating inside the house.  If the sun’s rays are blocked, fading of the furnishings is then prevented from taking place. To promote sunlight blockage, The Glass Guru offers back doors that are equipped with low-E glass or back doors that have blinds built in between the panes.


Regardless of the back door being chosen, make sure the door is weather stripped and is manufactured with a double-paned glass in order to achieve optimum functionality and thermal efficiency. Furthermore, back doors having these features help homeowners save more money because these reduce the energy costs needed to heat or cool the home.


Sliding Patio Doors

Among the diverse back door designs offered by The Glass Guru, sliding doors are the recommended door type to be installed. The primary reason is that this type of door does not require extra space for it to open and close unlike swinging or hinged doors, for instance. Sliding doors function on a track system that runs along the top and bottom sections of the doors only. At the end of the day, sliding pocket doors provide much space while promoting an environment wherein guests can enjoy the outdoors while having activities inside.


Hinged Doors

If both the exterior and interior areas of the house are spacious enough, then hinged back doors are not a problem.  This type of back door allows maximum accessibility when homeowners go outside the home. One important factor to consider is space. In case when the area outside the back door is tight, hinged doors can still be used as they can swing inward for them to be opened. Just make sure there is extra room for back doors to swing inside.


A Must-Have Screen

In cases when homeowners prefer open yet bug-free back doors during warm weather, a layer of screen that slides along the top and bottom track can be added to the sliding glass doors. The screen keeps the bugs out while allowing fresh air to flow in and out of the house. On the other hand, other back doors of the Glass Guru have screens that are retractable. These screens can be rolled up into a casing on a particular side of the door. Moreover, screens are also available for French doors wherein they can be attached on the sides and opened similar to the way these French doors are opened. Like the retractable screens, they also fit into a jamb casing that envelops the whole door frame.


With all the important considerations regarding back door selection being given, contact The Glass Guru now to have a functional yet stylish back door perfect for your home!