The Glass Guru’s Screen Products


Living within or around the southern parts of the USA, e.g., Miami, Florida, gives you the perks to enjoy the sun and the perfect summer weather all throughout the year. However, problems such as the glaring sunlight, scorching heat, and unwanted bugs continue to invade your home causing such nuisance but here is a solution to solve this problem. The Glass Guru Franchise Systems Inc. offers an array of window screen products to keep your humble abode free from unwanted intruders, excess sunlight, and intense heat.  Let this company enhance your way of life through their exceptional screen products. Make the most out of your perfect and sunny location by getting rid of all these problems that ruin your day-to-day living.


The Glass Guru is the expert in offering screens and screen doors obtained from the best window and door manufacturers in the USA. Not only that, the said company has been providing utmost customer satisfaction by assisting during the installation, replacement, and/or repair of their products to their customers all over the country for years.


The screen services offered by the Glass Guru involve installation, repair, and replacement of bug screens; sun, solar, and privacy screens; pet screens; sliding patio screen doors; clear view retractable screens; roll down sun screens; swinging screen doors; and security doors.


Talking about screens and screen doors, The Glass Guru also focuses in highlighting the importance of installing screens for your pets at home. Upon installing these pet screens, you can allow your pets to bask in the sun and enjoy the fresh air without being problematic about them ripping your installed screens apart, since these screens are seven times stronger compared to the conventional screens sold in the market. Because of that, these pet screens offered by The Glass Guru are designed to last and withstand the test of time no matter how reckless your pets are. Moreover, these pet screens are not exclusively limited to doors only. Pet screens can also be installed on your windows. If windows are installed with pet screens, cat owners will get the most benefit from this as cats tend to get curious and explore higher places around the household compared to other domesticated animals.


When it comes to other products being showcased, the Glass Guru also offers retractable screen doors that are guaranteed to slide back safely in comparison to other retractable doors that do not ensure safety when snapping back.
With all these products being mentioned, the Glass Guru maintains its commitment in providing the best customer care and experience to handle any screen installation. Furthermore, the said company strives hard to ensure that all of its customers are satisfied with the products and services that they have obtained. So if you have plans to improve your home, do not hesitate to give the Glass Guru a call since all your invested time, effort, and money will definitely be worth waiting for.