The Glass Guru’s Mirror and Glass Products


Thinking of giving your boring and bland room a makeover? Then inject a dose of glamour and style into your household through the products offered by The Glass Guru. With its outstanding and stylish mirror and glass products, your humble abode will never be the same again.


To start, its mirror closet doors transform the look of the entire bedroom significantly since they primarily seem to widen the area of the room. As a result, bedrooms having this type of door have a more spacious feel to it. Because these doors give an impression in expanding room space, they also make it appear larger than the usual. Furthermore, the mirrored closet door itself serves a significant decorative piece to add more personality and improve the aesthetic impact of any bedroom.


Focusing more on the product itself, The Glass Guru’s mirrored closet and wardrobe doors are manufactured in a wide variety of finishes and designs. Moreover, these products can be adorned with satin gold, high-gloss white paint, oil-rubbed bronze, and brush nickel finishes. Not only that, wardrobe designs are also being offered which include bypass closet doors, walk-in and by-fold mirror doors, and sliding mirror doors.


In terms of other features, these closet and wardrobe mirrored doors can come either with present or absent frames. If these mirrored doors are opted to have frames, the Glass Guru also showcases a wide selection of its framed mirror closet doors. The selection includes strong aluminum, solid oak, and the aluminum frameless Trim Line®. Furthermore, colors of any chosen product can be also coordinated with glazing vinyl and matched with genuine mirror handles.


In detail, here are some of the mirror wardrobe design options recommended for you. These are the following: Aristocrat, Asprey®, Aurora, Aurora Plus, Aurora Plus Walk-In Door, Brittany, and Brittany Bi-Fold.


Aside from these mirrored wardrobe and closet doors, the Glass Guru also offers other mirror and glass products such as glass shelves, beveled mirrors, vanity mirrors, shower enclosures, and cabinet glass.


Glass shelves can effectively refine any room with its sleek design and functionality, and the Glass Guru can create custom glass shelves through its own machinery to cut, polish, and bevel these glass shelves on site to save time.


In the case of beveled mirrors, cutting-edge equipment are used in the cutting, beveling, and polishing processes so as to exactly meet the specifications that clients require for their beveled mirror of choice.


Moving on to vanity mirrors, diverse styles, e.g., casual, exotic, contemporary, and ornate, are offered. Similar to wardrobe and closet mirrored doors, mirrors can be either framed or not. Homeowners can also select the orientation of the vanity mirror being chosen, either in portrait or vertical orientation.


As shower enclosures are concerned, the Glass Guru also offers a wide array of both frameless and framed shower doors for customers willing to revamp their bathrooms. Having a handful of shower door and enclosure specialists, rest assured that any bathroom renovation will be a success.


Lastly, for cabinet glass, the Glass Guru allows freedom for customers to create a personalized and customized look in this type of product. With its multitude of cabinet glass designs to choose from, guaranteed that any cabinet specification for TV cabinets, kitchen cabinets, curio cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and more will be achieved satisfactorily.


With all things being said, contact the Glass Guru now to ensure customer care and satisfaction in improving the impact, functionality, and beauty of your home through its exceptional and high-quality mirror and glass products.