Glass Guru Window Restoration and Stain Removal


When it comes to restoration of window glass and removal of hard water stains, the Glass Guru Franchise Systems Inc. offers the best services in maintaining the integrity and aesthetic appeal of glass windows all over the USA. Aside from that, this company does more than the usual use store-bought products in terms of window cleaning.


To begin, windows made out of glass become easily damaged when it comes in contact with day to day offending element

s such as hard water. Hard water, also known as “water spots,” usually originates from sprinkler systems that transfer hard water droplets onto glass windows thus leaving traces of magnesium, calcium and other mineral deposits on the window surface. In the long run, these mineral deposits cause glass surface corrosion leading to window glass damage.


Fortunately, nearly all or specifically 95% of stains caused by hard water can be considered as an early form of glass corrosion; therefore, these stains can be easily get rid of by using The Glass Guru’s treatment in removing hard water stains. As a precautionary measure to prevent window glass corrosion from taking place, this mentioned hard water stain removal treatment must be implemented on regular intervals.


Aside from hard water stains, the said treatment offered by the Glass Guru also reduces scratches and structural stresses that may impair window visibility. As a result, glass windows maintain that clear visibility while allowing affordability and time convenience among homeowners.


Regarding window glass restoration, rest assured that technicians of The Glass Guru are highly skillful in restoring any type of window glass available, may it be windows from residential or commercial types. Furthermore, glass window restoration costs significantly less than window replacement; hence, doing the former enables homeowners to save more money, giving them more benefits compared to the latter.


In detail, The Glass Guru showcases 3 levels in restoring the integrity of glass windows:


1)      Soap and Water Solution

In this level, windows are cleaned with the use of the classic soap and water combination along with a squeegee to scrub surface dirt off the glass away. This level also involves wiping window areas that potentially harbor more dirt such as window sill, track, and frame areas.


2)      Glass Enhancement Service

Compared to the first level, special cleaning products, such as cerium oxide or pumice, are used in glass window cleaning. The Glass Guru utilizes manpower or special pad applicators with buffers that vary in speed during the cleaning process. Moreover, the intensity of the cleaning process in this level depends upon the severity of rust, metal, acid rain, and/or calcium deposits that adhere on the glass surface.


3)      Glass Restoration Service

Buffers plus polishing agents are the main ingredients utilized in this level.  The main difference is that hard-to-remove scratches and/or evidences of acid damage, regardless of depth and size, are successfully removed from the glass.

Since the Glass Guru upholds utmost satisfaction in serving its customers, they provide a sample window glass cleaning with no charge! Not only that, windows that have undergone The Glass Guru treatment are being sealed to prolong their longevity and prevent offending substances from adhering to them again.
With all things said and done, give the Glass Guru a call right at this moment to avail their best glass window restoration services at the most reasonable price!