Choosing the Right Pet Door

Having difficulty in choosing the perfect pet door at home? Then fret no more as the Glass Guru Franchise Systems Inc. offers top of the line pet doors that meet your needs. This company collaborates with the best pet door manufacturers and suppliers to give you that high-quality dog and cat doors that perfectly fit your existing screen, sliding glass, wood, and/or fiberglass doors at home. To select the right pet door, you must determine what type of door is used in your household as these three pet door categories, namely, in-glass pet doors, in-screen pet doors, and in-door pet doors, function effectively if installed on the right door.
In-Glass Pet Doors
Have you ever imagined a pet door directly installed on your glass door? If not, then you do not need to imagine anymore as the Glass Guru can now install pet doors on glass patio doors. The in-glass pet door is uniquely manufactured to create a clean design that compliments your existing glass patio or French door but minus the problems brought about by door inserts of full height, since these inserts block the doorway and do not seal effectively. Aside from that, you can customize your own in-glass pet door by selecting your frame color of choice. This ensures you to achieve the exact look of your perfect door while allowing freedom for your pets.

In-Screen Pet Doors
In the case of screen doors, no need to worry as the Glass Guru also offers pet doors in this type of door. The in-screen pet door, like the in-glass pet door, is also installed directly into the existing screen door of your household. This serves as a practical alternative for pets such as dogs and cats to have easy access going in and outside the home.

In-Door Pet Doors
This third pet door category works best on wood or fiberglass type of doors. Similar to the first two classifications, the Glass Guru introduces the in-door pet doors that can be installed directly into existing interior or exterior doors of your home. Unlike the other two categories, a wide range of pet door sizes can be chosen.To observe superior energy efficiency, the in-door pet doors are designed to have dual flaps in order to keep outside air out and inside air in. For pets to easily go in and out of the home without compromising the superior sealing ability of the pet door, stainless steel strikes, brush weather stripping, and magnets that are fivefold stronger than the ordinary are equipped on these pet doors.
With its partnership among well-known pet door manufacturers, the Glass Guru offers a wide selection of exceptional pet door options and brands that suit your taste regardless of the pet door type. Not only that, installers and estimators of this company are also experts in all their products. Whether in-glass, in-screen, or in-door pet doors, the Glass Guru maintains utmost customer service and satisfaction by assisting homeowners before, during, and after the installation, repair, and/or replacement of these products. The Glass Guru also delivers these pet door products in a timely, accurate, and complete manner. Because of that, rest assured that you can select the right pet door type while having them installed successfully and satisfactorily.

So what are you waiting for? Give the Glass Guru a call now to have your pet door estimated.