Of all household chores, cleaning the bathroom may be the most dreaded. One aspect that can be particularly challenging is dealing with hard water stains on shower doors. Although they may sometimes seem to appear suddenly, they actually build up over time, and often no amount of scrubbing with traditional bathroom cleaners will remove these stubborn blemishes.

How do hard water stains happen?

Hard water stains occur when minerals like calcium and magnesium are dissolved in water. Water spots or limescale found on your shower door occur when droplets of hard water dry on the surface. As the water evaporates, it leaves the minerals behind. While the presence of minerals is not known to affect one’s health, it can be a real nuisance as it builds up on bathroom surfaces, which is especially noticeable on glass.

With a simple Google search you can find a number of DIY solutions to remove these stains. Most involve mixing harsh chemicals and don’t produce great results. There are also store-bought products that claim to remove spots but require an hour’s worth of elbow grease to accomplish minimal results.

What can I do about hard water stains?

The good news is, you can save yourself the hassle and money by using Glasstastic Surface Restoration and Protection products. These products offer three solutions for hard water stain removal:

The first solution is the Glasstastic Hard Water Stain Remover. This remover works faster than any other cleaning product or DIY remedy. It is the perfect solution for your shower doors. It also works on windows and other glass surfaces. There is no harsh scent and the process is simple: scrub, rub, and rinse!

The second solution is the Glasstastic Glass Guard. To prevent hard water stains from occurring again, use a protectant. Glass guard covers shower doors with a protective coating. Quick and simple, one application will go a long way toward preventing hard water stains from coming again.

The third solution is the Glasstastic Renew Surface Cleaner. For daily maintenance without harsh chemicals or squeegeeing. Just spray on and wipe off with a microfiber cloth. Glass Renew maintains the original treatment so you can longer between scrubbing.

Glasstastic Surface Restoration and Protection products were designed to make application and maintenance easier while saving you money. These are the same products our professionals use in homes and commercial sites every day. They are affordable, safe, and easy to use. Once you try the Glasstastic brand of surface restoration and protection products, your hard water stain problems will be a thing of the past!