“There is nothing so terrible as wasted sunshine.” -Unknown

Your home should be an open, well-lit, and welcoming space. The place where you spend so much of your time and make so many happy memories should be a comforting and cheerful place to be. If a room doesn’t brighten your day, it may be time for an update.


Here are five ways to make any room brighter:


  1. Use Light Paint Colors

Light color is pleasing to the eye and has a naturally relaxing effect. There are many options in shades of white; but don’t limit yourself. Light blues, greens and yellows can help small spaces like bathrooms feel larger and lighter. Don’t forget the ceiling! Light-colored walls and ceilings reflect sunlight that produces an illusion of a bigger space.

  1. Add a Mirror

Placing a mirror on the wall opposite a window is a simple way to brighten a room. The mirror will receive and reflect the light coming from outdoors into your room which creates a brilliant visual effect. You’ll be saving on your utility bill while creating a lovely artistic touch to the room. Simply adding a framed mirror to a room can feel like an effortless makeover.

  1. Replace Your Windows

Window styles are constantly changing and evolving to improve and allow additional light to filter in — with style and efficiency. Replacing your window as well as adding a lighter frame can give new life to a formerly shadowy room.

  1. Forget About the Blinds

Horizontal and vertical blinds can be cumbersome, unsightly, and hard to clean. Allow natural light to fill your room and use light-colored curtains for privacy when necessary.

  1. Do Not Block the Sun

Unless you are living in Alaska or work the graveyard shift and sleep during the day, there is no need to block the sun during daylight hours! Let the sun pass through your window and flood the room. To enjoy the sun without all of the heat, explore energy-saving options like low-e glass or solar screens.


The Wind-Up

Remember that any improvement you make such as replacing windows, mirrors or screens is worth the investment in your home. It will not only brighten the room but improve the appeal and overall value of your home. Additionally, these enhancements will reduce heating and cooling costs and increase the comfort of your home. The Glass Guru offers a variety of window styles to accommodate your needs.