Five Ways to Make Your Room Brighter with Windows


Who wants to go home and stay in a dark room after spending long hours dealing with stressful workloads? I bet no one. It is always nice to stay in a well-lit room. It changes your mood and relaxes your body. If your room is as dark as the cave in the movie “The Croods,” then it is finally the best time to do something in your room. Below are the five ways on how to brighten your space.

  1. Use Light Colors

Light color is pleasing to the eyes. It gives a relaxing feeling and frees you from stress. That is why it is best to use light colors in your room. Paint your room and your ceiling with light colors such as shades of white. Use light-colored curtains. Light-colored walls and ceilings can give better reflection of sunlight that produces an illusion of a bigger space.

  1. Add a Mirror

Placing a mirror on the wall opposite of a window is one way to brighten your room. The mirror will receive and reflect the light coming from the sun or the moon to your room which creates an extraordinary visual effect. You not only save your pocket from the utility bill but also create an artistic touch in your room.

  1. Replace Your Window

If you don’t want to change the color of your room and you don’t want to place a mirror in your wall, why not replace your window with a bigger one. Free yourself from the old style and replace it with a larger frame. You don’t always replace your window, right? This time why not go for a bigger and better version of your old window and choose the one you love. Always remember that a window not only gives you comfort and security. Windows are also a reflection of your personality.

  1. Forget About the Blinds

If you have nothing to hide and you feel comfortable showing off what is inside your room, then forget about blinds. Let the natural light overwhelm your room.

  1. Do Not Block the Sun

You are not in a theatrical show so do not use heavy curtain and dark shades to block the sun. Let the sun pass through your window and flood your room. Dark rooms are nothing but a melancholic world.

The Window

Replacing your window is worth the investment. This investment not only brightens your room but improves the appeal and the value of your home, in case you wanted to sell it; reduces heating and cooling costs; and increases the security and comfort of your home. The Glass Guru offers a variety of window styles that will accommodate your needs. The Glass Guru has established a good relationship with many well-known manufacturers so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product.