Four Tips to Keeping Your Windows Energy-Efficient

Summer being around the corner usually means one thing on homeowners’ minds: how to keep my home energy-efficient. Windows are typically the first and sometimes, simplest path to keeping your house energy efficient. Even if you have older windows, there are still ways to make your windows help you on your bills instead of completely replacing them. 

Caulk Sealant Application. Silicone Window Seal And Waterproofing

Energy-Efficient Window Tip 1: No Leaks Allowed! 

The fasted way to plummet into energy bill sadness is by air leaks in your older window. To help create an energy-efficient window, you need to seal them. Check on your weather strips and get new ones if needed. When those are replaced if they need to be replaced, recaulk your windows along the joints and seals to help enforce no leakage.  This will ensure no cool air is escaping from your house. Not having your air conditioning work overtime because your windows are letting air out, will help you keep those bills lower. 

Woman hanging window curtain indoors. Interior decor element

Energy-Efficient Window Tip 2: Make it Pretty, and Efficient 

Installing drapes or blinds to your windows will also help block sunlight from coming in on those hot days, or insulate heat that is circulating in your home. Blinds are not as useful in the winter as drapes but offer protection from the sun’s heat. Roman shades tend to be the best of both worlds when it comes to blinds versus drapes, so check out your local blind store or you can totally DIY them. Whichever route you choose, it will also help cozy up your home and make it feel inviting. That is a double win in our book. 

Solar screen on a home.

Energy-Efficient Window Tip 3: We All Scream for Solar Screens!

Solar screens are dark screens that are installed “over” your window glass. This blocks out the sun’s rays keeping your home cool in the summer and insulating the internal warm air in the winter months.  Granted, they do not look the best and require annual cleaning, but they work the best on helping your windows become energy-efficient. 

Workers replacing a window

Energy-Efficient Window Tip 4:When In Doubt, Replace It!

This is not the cheapest option, but it is an option that will help you sleep at night (with the air conditioning as low as you want). Replacing your window with an energy star window will help keep your windows energy-efficient and your house the temperature you want it at. Before making that big decision, make sure you are having quality window experts out to inspect your windows, measuring as well to give you the best options and an estimate. They may have better options for you than completely replacing the window or windows or will help you budget for the new expenditure.

Newer is nice, but sometimes restoring is the better bet. Whatever you decide to do to help make your home and windows energy-efficient, make sure you are educating yourself and calling the professionals you trust. 


Calling on The Glass Guru 

If you want professionals to help you figure out the best way to help get your windows summer-ready, call your local window and solar screen experts at The Glass Guru for the best options and a free estimate.