How to Clean Your Window Screens

Window screens are a great way to let fresh air into your home without letting bugs and leaves inside. If you are not regularly cleaning your window screens, dust and germs are more likely to find their way into your home. Having a clean window screen helps with air quality, prevents mold growth, and keeps your view clear and unobstructed.

Keeping your windows and window screens clean can be a difficult task to keep up with. Adding one more thing to clean regularly can get confusing and frustrating. Maybe you’re not sure how to clean your window screens. This blog will help you break down how to get those screens clean. 

cleaning your window screens

A cleaned window screen.

How to Start Cleaning Your Window Screens

You will need some tools to clean your window screens. Even if you’re cleaning just one, you will need to get a few things out.

  • liquid all-purpose cleaner 
  • Hose or a bucket of water
  • Sponge or cloth 
  • Dry towels 

You can either remove your screens or keep them on your windows to clean them. If you are cleaning all your window screens and removing them, ensure you’re keeping them organized. Labeling them or keeping them right next to the window you got them from. It’s no fun trying to match up a bunch of mismatched screens at the end of the process.


Without Removing the Screen

If you don’t want to remove the screens, running a duster or handheld vacuum over the screens first helps a lot. When you’re ready for the liquid cleaner, start at the top. Spray the screen from top to bottom lightly. Gently wipe the screen side to side or in circular motions with your sponge or cloth. You can also do this on the outside of the window screen, but a ladder may be needed. 

cleaning your window screen

Cleaning a window screen with a sponge.

Removing the Screen

Most window screens can be removed. Once you have your screens removed by lifting up and pushing out, you will want to lean them on something. You can run a duster over them or a handheld vacuum before starting if you feel you need to. Take your hose and set it to light pressure. Run the water over the screen, ensuring they are completely wet. Use your sponge or cloth and your cleaning solution and start wiping your screen or screens. Scrub and rinse both sides of your screen. Allow the screens to dry completely before installing them back. 


Broken and Torn Screens 

When cleaning your screens, you could find out that some are torn and broken. This is normal wear and tear on window screens; repairing them can be easier than you’d think. You can either try to patch it up yourself or if you feel that is too much of an undertaking, you can always call your local window screen experts. If you don’t have screens and have been inspired by this blog, this is your sign to get screens then. 

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