Selecting The Perfect Front Door

Front doors blog post

Selecting the perfect front door entails considering a number of factors that primarily boost the household’s aesthetic appeal while ensuring maximum protection and security of the home. Aside from that, front door durability is of important concern as sturdy doors are able to endure harsh elements and extreme temperatures. Fortunately, The Glass Guru offers a wide array of designs that possess these major qualities needed in that best-quality front door.

Among the factors to be considered in choosing the ideal front door, functionality must be of paramount importance. The functionality of a door depends upon the material it was made of, such as wood, fiberglass composite, and steel.

Wooden Doors

Although favored by many, wooden doors have received a fair share of criticism with regard to warping. However, wooden doors of today are made up of wood core coated with wood veneer, making them more durable than ordinary wood.

Despite the advances in wooden door production, disadvantages in its use continue to persist. One of which is that wood needs a considerable amount of maintenance for it to remain appealing and functional. Element sensitivity, particularly moisture and water, is another downside when using wood. When these wooden doors are exposed to water/moisture, they have a tendency to warp eventually.

Fiberglass Doors

This is the top choice among homeowners because of its durability and affordability. Mostly having a lifetime warranty, fiberglass doors do not require any maintenance, making them more appealing to the public. In addition, the fiberglass composite door is an excellent choice for homeowners living in extreme temperatures or in humid areas.

Steel Doors

If insulation is the utmost priority, then steel doors are the best option. But when compared to the wooden and fiberglass types, steel doors are less sturdy. Aside from that, steel front doors are not recommended to households situated in a humid climate because they are likely to develop rust. In terms of enhancing the door’s beauty, appropriate door color choice, so as to coordinate perfectly with the household exterior, is necessary.

Upon knowing these door types, feel free to call The Glass Guru now to ask for any advice regarding which front door material is the best for your household. Its personnel would be glad to assist and be of help to you. Contact them now and seek for their expert advice!