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Shower Glass Stain Protection in Brentwood, CA

Our Glasstastic brand products are designed to help home and building owners enjoy easier maintenance, better appearance and longer life of their shower glass surfaces.
Glasstastic Shower Door Water Repellent Brentwood, CA Our Certified Technicians offer advanced sealing treatments that bond to the glass and fill in the microscopic pores on your shower glass surfaces, protecting against damage and making it easier to clean. Our Glasstastic Hard Surface Protector is a revolutionary, permanent, non-stick, invisible coating for glass. The one time application makes grime and soap scum easier to clean by 90%. It also protects the surface from staining or etching from mineral deposits and salt corrosion caused by hard water, soaps, dirt and grime. Imagine no more worries about water spots!
Once your shower glass has been treated, harsh chemical cleaners are no longer needed. Our Glasstastic Maintenance Cleaner is safe and effective product designed for cleaning the treated glass surface without damaging the protective coating or polluting the environment. No one knows shower glass protection in Brentwood, CA like The Glass Guru!

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