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Single Hung Windows in Brentwood, CA

Single-hung windows are often the standard window option used in newer home construction, apartment buildings and office spaces. Providing a classic look for any home, single-hung windows are raised from the bottom for ventilation, while the top sash remains stationary. As single-hung windows predate double-hung and other styles, they may be preferred for an authentic look on historic homes. In modern homes, single-hung windows additionally may be preferred because they cost a bit less than double-hung.
The primary reason single-hung windows are a popular choice is cost. Single-hung windows can cost 10-20% less than their double-hung competitor. While this may not seem like a great difference when replacing one or two windows, homeowners in need of a dozen windows will find the cost difference quickly adds up. Those on a tight budget might turn to single-hung windows to save on initial costs.
Single-hung windows do have some limitations. Because only the lower sash opens, the window offers limited ventilation. In rooms that require more ventilation, such as the bathroom, this can result in higher moisture levels and little relief from humidity, mildew growth and odor control. Additionally, single-hung windows make cleaning difficult, particularly for those with homes built off of the ground or on floors higher than ground level. Since the top sash is not operable, homeowners can only clean the outside of the upper sash by accessing it from the outside of the home.
It can be argued that single-hung windows are less susceptible to air infiltration, or leakage, simply because the upper sash is fixed and cannot develop looseness the same way a moving sash can. This won't be reflected in performance ratings, as both types of windows must meet the same standards. But in use, window seals tend to degrade over time, and a moving sash cannot be sealed with caulk like a fixed sash can. The Glass Guru estimators and installers are single-hung window experts. We offer several brands with multiple styles, types and options to choose from to get just the right look and feel for your home. No one knows single-hung windows in Brentwood, CA like The Glass Guru.

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