You Should Keep Your Mirrored Closet Doors…

Most homes that were built between 1980 – 1990 probably have the same closet doors… Sliding mirrored closet doors. The majority of homeowners’ first thought is to get rid of them. That is not always in everyone’s budget, or some people elect to take a more creative approach.

Ideally, many homeowners would want an enormous walk-in closet or some nice swing doors for entry into the closet. To some, making what’s already there something that is uniquely their own is a very attractive option. Making old look new or more “you” is a trend that is gaining momentum for homeowners today. Let your mirrored closet doors be a part of the revamp instead of removing them completely. Here are some of our favorite “new” mirrored closet doors. 

A room turned into a dressing room with black sliding mirror closet doors.


Paint truly does wonders on any home project. You can transform almost anything and any room with a coat of paint. Painting the trim around the mirrors of the closet doors can transform them. Fewer coats will cover the metal look if you have silver or nickel metal. Gold or a darker metal will have to take some work, so plan for extra coats..  

There are so many colors you can pick for this project. You could pick the wall color and match that to let your mirrored closet doors feel seamless in your space. A fun trendy design is painting your walls one color, like white, and then painting your doors and trim a darker color. If that’s a design choice you like or already have, you could continue that by painting the trim on your closet doors the same as the rest of your trim. 

Even just picking a paint color that goes with your space can change the look and feel of your mirrored closet doors. Make sure you are picking the right type of paint for this project. Oil-based paints do better on metals, and water-based paints work better on wood and porous surfaces. 

Mirrored closet doors with a paneling design.

Add Decorative Designs 

There are many ways to add a decorative design to your mirrors. Adding some paneling to your mirrors can really change the look of your closet doors. You can fake some mirrored French doors! This can really be done well by painting the outline of your closet doors in a different color than your walls and then measuring and cutting some paneling.  

If cutting paneling seems like too much of an undertaking, or you like to go the more frugal route, you can get electrical tape. This works really well if black is the color you were going for. If you want to use a color, paneling might be the best option, unless you’re confident in painting on white electrical tape. You don’t even have to stick with a traditional French door design with the boxed-out faux-mirrored window panels. Add in a design feature, like a diamond, or do some hexagons. Most importantly, have fun with it! 

If you like having a big mirror feel to your doors but want to change it up just enough, adding thick frames on the edges of the mirrors is a neat design you can do. Simple, easy but still gives a big wow factor. 

Mirrored closet doors with fun paneled design.

Go Big! 

But you have the rare swinging mirrored closet doors, or just swing closet doors and want something different. There are still avenues you can take. You can still get the French door look with panels and faux window panes. Adding in sleek hardware for a straight shot of the mirrors. Putting in thick panels with molding at the bottom and framing out the mirrors will make it look like it’s all door. Or add in mirror panes to your swing doors. 

Or maybe you love the idea of sliding doors and want them or want just something new entirely. Installing one big mirrored sliding barn door could be a fun option. Picking hardware to match your room is key. From black to copper, gold and even nickel sliding hardware you have so many options to add a very custom look. There are also so many design options to choose from on the door alone. 


You don’t want seven years of bad luck whatever you choose, so make sure you have a local mirror shop to call. Whether it needs a mirror repair, custom mirror framing, or needing to install a mirror, let the local glass experts help with advice and professional installation of products like these.