4 Mirror Trends to Look Out for in 2023

With the start of a new year, it’s always a good idea to look into the trends popping up for the coming year. In this blog, we’re going to talk about our favorite four mirror trends for this year. Mirrors are a simple way to elevate any space you want a quick refresh. Mirrors are also a great way to add light to a space without using a lamp as well as depth to any room. 

Anna Mae Groves DIY floor mirror.

Mirror Trend #1: Oversized Mirrors

Having an oversized mirror is all the rage currently in home decorating. These are great in any size space. You can either hang it from the wall or lean it against it. Getting a mirror frame that fits your design theme is key to making this option work. 

Going with this option is a great way to enlarge your space optically. Making sure to place these facing a window or close to a window will reflect the light beautifully. This is apart of the mirror trends for so many reasons, but sometimes just placing a big mirror somewhere just feels right. 


A round mirror over an entry way table.

Mirror Trend #2: Round Mirrors 

Adding round mirrors to your space is a great way to give warm round textures to your room design. Mirrors do not need to stay square or rectangular, round mirrors and “pond” mirrors are having a major moment in home design right now. For good reason too. Maybe you just really dig clean and straight edges, that’s ok. Have a rectangle mirror with a rounded top instead. 

Round mirrors always look good in modern, organic homes with round, straight-edge designs. The round will also fit in well if you have a heavy feminine feel to your space. With round mirrors, you just have a constant flow of edges, textures and patterns. Always do what you feel you like best, but also never be afraid to try new things. 


A designer mirror dupe from porculine.com

Mirror Trend #3: Designer Mirrors 

Designer mirrors just mean, uniquely shaped mirrors or mirror frames. These designs have a more “groovy” feel to them for the most part. Think squiggled edges, multiple mirrors layered over each other, big thick frames using different materials than your average mirror frame. Using mirrors as an art piece is becoming a design staple and less of a trend. It makes sense then that people are getting mirrors that look more like art pieces. 

Again, this is your space, do what you love, but sometimes jumping on mirror trends gives us serotonin. Even if that means looking into a mirror with flowers as its frame. If you’re not ready to commit to a design out of your comfort zone but still want something unique, start with adding a really cool frame to a mirror first. 

A antique themed mirror gallery wall idea from lollyjane.com


Mirror Trend #4: Multiple Mirrors 

Think of a wall full of mirrors or just more than two mirrors together making a design or a mirror gallery. A really cool way to style multiple mirrors is having a few rows and columns or beveled mirrors. This is a fun way to have a statement wall and give your space a more open feel without actually opening up the space. Another fun multiple-mirror design option could be using different mirrors of different sizes and shapes. You could also have mirrors being the same size and shape but give them different frames. Just let your imagination run wild with this choice. 

Whatever mirror option you use for frame help, call your neighborhood glass shop you trust. Even if you don’t go with a custom frame, having someone you know that can help you when repairs are needed can help you rest easy with your mirror decision. Having a mirror you love, not just because it’s apart of mirror trends, is important and a feeling we want you to have in your home. At The Glass Guru, we love hearing your fun mirror frame ideas or just helping you repair a crack in your mirror. We just want to help you live out your mirror dreams with a free estimate.