5 Ways to Use A Custom Mirror

Using a custom mirror is a great way to personalize your space. There are so many ways to use mirrors to enhance a space. Custom mirrors are simply plated mirrors, cut to your own specifications. They also can include mirrors that are custom fabricated in terms of size and shape and include special treatments like beveled edges. You can also pick your frame or go frameless, giving a distinct look from something you would find or buy at the store. 

When a  space seems empty or just not complete, a perfectly sized and shaped mirror can be the right answer. To help you narrow down all the ideas that could be running through your mind right now, here are our favorite 5 ways to use a custom mirror in your home. 

Black marbled counter tops with custom mirrored backsplash.

Idea #1: Kitchen or Wet Bar Custom Mirror Backsplash

If a unique and elevated look is what you are aiming for, consider having a custom mirror as your backsplash. There are several ways to give that chic look with mirrors serving as a backsplash. Measure out the area behind your counters like you would any tile, stone, or wood backsplash.  You can order a custom mirror sized to that measurement. 

Often, homeowners elect to go with a frameless look when using a mirror as a backsplash for a kitchen or wet bar countertop. If you want a framed look, find out from your local glass shop if a thin, low-profile frame is available. There are also several moldings available at your local home improvement store that could make framing your mirror backsplash a weekend DIY project.  We are absolutely loving these great mirrored backsplash ideas. This design is fun and works well in locations that are smaller, and the reflective nature of the mirror backsplash helps give the illusion of a much bigger space. 

If you have a larger space, there are still some great reasons to give your vision life. Mirrors can enhance larger spaces by providing a unique aesthetic as well as further distributing natural/artificial sources of light. This can be just what’s needed when trying to illuminate any large space.  

Custom mirrors used in picture framing molding.


Idea #2: Instead of Wallpaper or Pictures, Use a Custom Mirror

Have a wall that’s leaving you feeling unimpressed? Adding in a custom wall mirror or a custom mirror sized to take up the amount of wall you are wanting in place of wallpaper is a unique way to go. A cool way to do this is with picture framing molding on your walls

Frame out a spot, or multiple spots and insert a mirror in the framed out section on your wall. This gives a lot of depth and dimension to your space. If the board and batten trend is on your inspiration boards, then instead of painting or wallpapering the top half or top quarter, add some mirrors. 

Chic bedroom with a mirrored wall behind headboard.

Idea #3:Custom Mirror Headboard for Your Bed, Or Just a Custom Gallery Wall

Why stick with the usual wood or suede headboard, when you can make a custom mirror for your headboard? If bold and chic is your vibe, then creating a mirrored headboard could be just the custom project for you. If that’s more that you’re looking for, consider creating a gallery wall of mirrors over your bed instead of a headboard This can also be a fun way to give a unique and custom look to your bedroom. Finding the perfect-sized mirror or mirrors for these ideas can be difficult, but the ability to order custom mirrors can make the project a bit easier. 

Spacing out shapes and the layout of your mirror gallery with painter’s tape can also help one see what size and shaped mirrors they will need. Sometimes scanning stores all day will not lead you to that perfect mirror to complete your project.


Idea #4: Shelves and Custom Mirrors Go Together

If you happen to have shelving on your wall that you adore and want to add some high-design flair, add a mirror or two. Turn the wall that the selves are on into a custom mirror wall and attach the shelves to it. A simpler, and less costly hack would be to order custom mirrors sized as a backsplash, spanning the vertical space between each shelf. 

Maybe you have a mirror in your entryway and want a shelf instead of a table. Customizing the mirror by adding a shelf is a fun way to add to your own personal touch and bring a feeling of stylish openness to your entryway.


If your style is about keeping it simple,  adding custom mirrors between shelving of any kind can enhance your design. Bold, chunky wood shelves with mirrors backing them are a great way to mix materials into your design. Another option can be using acrylic shelves. These transparent / translucent shelves can help ensure the mirrors are the center focus and brings a casual yet chic feel to the space. Going with a gold element can make your shelf elegant. Bringing mirrors and shelves together can result in endless stylish options.

Unique custom mirrors over cool lounge chairs.

 Idea  #5: Make it Say You 

When it comes to using mirrors to help you make any space in your home reflective of your own personal style, the options are endless. Often homeowners do not know where to start, and are unaware of all the possible options. Just remember that when considering design ideas that incorporate the use of mirrors, you don’t have to guess about what’s possible! There are endless resources out there with mirror design ideas that you can make a reality by working with the right local glass company. Take a scroll through some of the many inspirational boards and home design / home improvement magazines to get a feel of what your space can become. 

After getting a sense of what you want and like, try to envision the artwork, furniture, bookshelves, and mirrors you want to see in your home everyday. Having a good plan and design concept helps you customize your mirror perfectly. If opting for a frame, you can also get the perfect one for your vision in terms of style, profile, size, and surface finish 


As you develop your favorite style ideas, make sure you write them down,, put them on an inspiration board, or made a 3D mock-up. Next, find a local glass shop to help you make your mirror design ideas a reality.. A mirror expert can help you with your design or can even create a mirror design for you.. They can educate you on what will work best for your space and needs. Calling a trusted local glass shop like The Glass Guru for a free estimate following a quick conversation about what you want out of your mirror is a great place to start..