Emergency Glass Repair

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Broken glass emergency?  No problem!  In the event of an accident or break-in at your home or business, The Glass Guru will act as your emergency glass repair response team, 24/7.

We’ll secure the area by removing broken glass and boarding up broken windows, doors, and storefronts while you wait for the new glass.

  • Prompt and courteous Emergency Repair, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Complete removal of all broken glass.
  • We’ll leave your property safe and secure.

To protect your commercial business, consider upgrading to our new performance coated glass for decreased heat and UV transmission or our laminated and bullet-resistant glass options that offer great sound reduction and protection from breakage.

We know you don’t want to worry about glass repair, so leave it to us to provide you with a lasting solution.

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