Wood Window Rot Repair

Wood Window Rot Repair

You’ve worked hard to create the perfect home environment. Unfortunately, water leakage and heat from the sun can turn your wooden windows into the perfect home environment for rot fungi and result in rotted wood.

Don’t let fungi take up residence in your house. Whether your wood rot is minor or severe, we remove what we need to and replace your window frame with new wood for a lasting repair. Our goal is always to save you money. We’ll replace the smallest portion possible while still fully rectifying the issue.

Don’t settle for a short-term fix to an internal wood window rot repair issue. Those other guys might use epoxy or hardened wood putties to patch the problem areas. This only puts a temporary bandage over a much deeper wound.

We can remake a portion or all of the wooden sash, jamb, or sill to replace just that portion instead of having to replace the entire window. Our goal is to save you money and earn your future business.

As windows age, the frames can become damaged which can affect the aesthetics or proper function of the window. When this occurs, you can count on The Glass Guru to help diagnose the problem and give you cost-effective window frame repair options to get them functioning like new again.

Our aim is to help you maintain the long-term integrity of your window frames to get the most use out of your existing windows without having to spend thousands of dollars replacing them. Our estimators and installers are window frame repair experts and are familiar with all window types and brands. Whether you need window frames repaired at your home or business, no one knows window frame repair like The Glass Guru.