3 Easy Steps to Get Your Windows Winter Ready

If you live somewhere that gets cold and possibly snowy during the winter months, you may already have a winter-ready routine. Maybe you’re a first-time homeowner or just moved to a true winter climate and are unsure what to do about these approaching months. Either way, knowing the best and easiest ways to insulate your windows, and getting them winter-ready is always good. 

Here are three steps you should take to help your windows out during the cold.

Curtains drawn in a modern living room.

Window Treatments 

The most mess-free way to insulate and winterize your windows is through window treatments. Window treatments are also a way to give your home a comfier feel. Drawing your curtains can help block out drafts your windows may create. This doesn’t always do the most insulation, but it does help rather than bare windows. Opting for this method is probably the easiest and cheapest way to help keep your home warmer during winter. The heavier the curtain, the more it’ll insulate your windows, but those can become costly.

Homeowner adding caulking to their window.

Window Caulking 

This method is messier, but it is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to insulate your windows for winter. If you have older windows, it’s probably a good idea to scrape out the old caulking and apply new caulk. Old caulk will not cover gaps anymore allowing cold air to slip through. Grab a flathead screwdriver or small glazing knife and scrape off the old caulking before you start re-caulking. This method’s downfall is that you must apply the new caulk long before it starts getting cold to ensure adhesion. Another problem is this method might not be addressing the actual problem; the panes. Ultimately, it is an easy and cheap way to insulate your windows.

A homeowner weather-stripping their windows.


Most hardware stores have weather-stripping on display and are available year-round. You have the option of rubber, foam, or tubing. Using weather-stripping is a good and solid way to prevent a draft from coming through your windows. This method is a very mess-free DIY-friendly way to achieve your goals. It is also an inexpensive route you can take. If you use weather-strips to do this, the aesthetics of your windows will change. Your window frame will look noticeably thicker than before. If that is something you can look past, this is a great way to insulate your windows easily. 


Check on Those Windows 

Any of these three options is great, but they may be missing the root of the problem. If you insulate your windows and still find drafts or foggy windows with moisture visibly trapped inside, you may have a different problem. Getting together with your neighborhood window experts is in order if you have not been able to achieve a draft-free house on your own. Your local glass expert can help save your winter. From window repair to removing the fogginess from your panes to completely new windows, call someone you trust.