3 Glass Shower Doors Types That Wow

Having a bathtub shower combination doesn’t mean you can’t have the shower of your dreams. A glass shower door can elevate your space and keep your design yours.

Review the bathroom you’re wanting to update and take rough measurements. Starting a mood board can help you get a better idea of the aesthetic you’re going for. Knowing different styles and options can help you narrow down options that make the most sense for you. Ready to get started? We’ve gathered our favorite three glass shower door options to help you out.

sliding glass shower door

Sliding glass shower door.

Sliding Glass Shower Door 

Sliding glass shower doors are a sleek way to keep your bathroom area space open while adding a touch of luxe to your shower. These doors tend to come standard in bath and shower combination enclosures. With the various hardware and sliding options, you can personalize your door. You can match your shower door to your interior style as well. 

Between modern, farmhouse, or transitional, your sliding shower door can be customized to match your space. Don’t let a shower bathtub combination intimidate you; sliding shower doors are perfect for these options. Maybe your bathroom is on the smaller end; sliding systems tend to be the most efficient when it comes to working in tighter spaces. 

Pivot glass shower door

Pivot glass shower door.

Pivot Glass Shower Door 

Pivot glass shower doors, also known as hinged glass doors, are a sophisticated option for your bathroom. The doors swing like a traditional door. For smaller showers, this is a great option. The doors can be narrow and not as wide as other door options. Going this route will also give your shower a grand feel. 

If you’re wanting to go this route, you will need to measure to make sure you can access your shower and other fixtures in your bathroom without the door getting in the way. This style of door can also go with a lot of interior design styles. 

Frameless glass shower door

Frameless glass shower door.

Frameless Glass Shower Door

Frameless glass shower doors are a great way to open up the look of your bathroom and shower. Going frameless takes away the metal framing and gives a more elevated and sleek look to your bathroom. This option can go with both walk-in showers and shower/tub combinations.

This is also a great shower enclosure style if you want to put the beautiful tilework that went into your shower on display. These types of enclosures are also easier to clean as they have fewer seals and metal to clean around. If totally frameless isn’t in your budget or plans, semi-frameless can be another option to look into. 


Call Who You Trust 

You cannot go wrong with a shower upgrade; getting a professional’s help is the best thing you can do. Sitting down and going over your shower door plans with an expert who can help guide you to the best decision for your space is always the best idea. 

Having a local glass shower door expert you can trust can not only save you headaches but help you shower in luxe faster.