3 Trending Ways to Update Your Shower Tub Combination

If you own a house with one or multiple shower bathtub combinations, it could feel like you can’t obtain the shower of your dreams, especially working on a slimmer budget. You can do some simple things with these combination showers to elevate your bathroom’s look and feel. The first thing is to take down the shower curtain. Replacing that with something more permanent like glass can give a luxurious feel to any bathroom space. 

Don’t let the tract home design stop you from living your best shower dreams. Maximizing the spa-like feel when upgrading your bathroom should be high on the priority list. Sometimes, once upgraded, those shower-bathtub combinations are everything you wanted and more! Here are three glass designs that will make you fall in love with your combination situation. 

A pivot door on a shower bathtub combo.

Add a Pivot Door  

You can add an element of sophistication while keeping your bathroom dry by adding a glass wall and pivoting glass shower door to your shower bath combo. This is most likely the easiest upgrade to accomplish for your space. Plus, you get to keep your bathtub and it still makes sense for both uses. 

This setup works well in both large and small spaces. Ideally, you would have installed a frameless shower enclosure around your tub and then add in a frameless pivot, or swing glass shower door. You will want to keep space between the ceiling and the start of the glass to let the steam get out unless you enjoy keeping all the steam in your shower. Taking out the shower curtains and opting for glass will help open up the space and present a larger feel to the room. Matching your hardware to your shower head and facets will add another level of luxury to this design. 

A barndoor style shower door.

Add a Sliding Door 

If space is something you do not have a lot of, a sliding glass shower enclosure may be your best bet. This is also a great design choice if you need a bigger opening than the typical glass shower door’s opening. This encloses your shower but allows you to open it up when needed, like when bathing a dog or just wanting to relax in your tub. 

With this design, you don’t have to worry about swing room for the door; you just need to focus on picking the perfect hardware and style of sliding glass door. The design possibilities are plentiful, from sleek hardware designs to industrial sliding styles. Again, matching your hardware to the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom helps finish the look and complete the upgrade. 

A sleek and modern glass shower wall.

You Can Go Doorless With Your Shower Bathtub! 

This design is probably the most ambitious one. If simple is what you want and you’re tight on space, installing a glass wall divider instead of a whole shower enclosure is another option. You will need to be careful and pick your installers very carefully. Water splash could become your enemy with this design. The glass wall should be wide enough to contain water inside the shower when the showerhead is in use. Avoid waterfall shower heads with this design, or have smart strategically placed waterfall shower heads. This design is ideal for those that take baths more than showers. 


Whatever You Do, Go With Professionals 

Installing new glass or updating the existing glass enclosure should always be done by trusted professionals. Sitting with your neighborhood glass experts will be the best thing you can do on your shower design journey. They’ll help you see if your shower daydreams can be turned into a reality. So take a scroll through Pinterest, then set up an estimate with the shower pros.