8 Patio Door Trends for 2022

With a simple scroll online on any online store, patio deals are endless right now. What better way to finish your patio upgrades with a pretty patio door? We gathered our top ten favorite patio door ideas for 2022. Here are some trends and inspiration to make your patio the perfect outdoor retreat. 

Large French patio doors.

Trend #1: French Patio Doors 

French patio doors are an extremely popular choice and are a style that will always stay around. The other great thing about French doors is that there are multiple French door designs to elevate your door. You can have wide glass panels or narrower glass panels. You can have one or double French doors. Matching your windows with the paneling is also taking the design up a notch for your classic outdoor oasis. 

Large glass pane patio doors.

Trend #2: All Glass Patio Door

Instead of French patio doors, you can leave a thicker trim around your all-glass patio door. This design style can fit in with so many styles keeping your interior design and patio design in sync. For a grander feel, you can have two all-glass patio doors or for minimal design or smaller spaces, you can keep with one door. 

Sliding glass patio doors.

Trend #3: Sliding Glass Doors 

Sliding glass patio doors are always a popular choice as they keep more space open on your patio. Keeping the door theoretically in your wall, so to speak, keeps your door from swinging into furniture or plants. In recent years, sliding glass door designs have advanced. You can keep to a traditional sliding glass door, or if you want the French doors, you can have that design as your sliding door. You can have your traditional single sliding door or a slide and stack door. This look is fun as your patio door will look like big windows next to each other but surprise, it is one big sliding glass door onto your patio. This also gives you a panoramic view of your patio from the inside, which brightens up your interior. 

Folding glass patio door.

Trend #4: Folding Glass Doors 

Folding glass patio doors are also known as bi-fold doors. There is no wall pocket to tuck them away into, but they fold accordion-like. This will give an illusion of multiple big windows next to each other until you open them. Folding doors, when open, give undisturbed views into your backyard. These are great for keeping a larger feel to both your interior space and patio. These also look great paired with modern architecture. 

Craftsman style patio door.

Trend #5: Sleek and Simple vs. Craftsman Charm

Having your patio doors match and add to your interior design as well as your décor on the patio is what really completes your backyard retreat. If you are looking for a sleek and simple look to add to your modern interior, keeping your doors bare of trims can help. Glass should take up most of your door with thin framing helps. Changing up the material from wood to a steel or iron adds natural elements to your sleek design. If adding character to your designs is what you go for, adding a thick crown molding trim around your door will give you that charm. You can even go as far as to double crown the top of the door if you so desire. Trim is a great way to add finishing details to your door design. (Or to get rid of them to add a sleek design.) Even adding window panes above and around your patio door can add the perfect element you are looking for. 

Coco & Jack’s Dutch patio door inspiration from Oakville Interior Designer

 Trend #6: Dutch Patio Doors 

Dutch patio doors are a great way to bring your outside in, without actually bringing the outside… indoors. These doors can be split in half, so you can have them both open and closed. You can have one Dutch door or have two. These are fun if your back door leads from your kitchen. This way you can safely keep your patio door open while in the kitchen. Dutch doors are also a great way to add a rustic or farmhouse element to both the interior and exterior design. You can have the option of a window on the top portion of the door or glass on the whole Dutch door. These are also fun elements in a door design. 

In glass pet door from our Plano location.

Trend #7: In Glass Pet Door

In most of these designs, adding an in-glass pet door is an added bonus to your fur friend(s). You can have your pet free to roam while you focus on finishing the latest show on your “to watch” list. This also continues your undisturbed view of your backyard through your glass patio door. There are numerous ways to add a door just for your pet as well as an upgrade to your own. Giving your pet the freedom to join you out on the patio or stay in the comfort of your home keeps everyone’s stress levels down if you are hosting.  

Light blue French doors.

Trend #8: Colors 

The simplest way to update any space is by adding some paint. Without getting rid of your door, you can change it up with color. Dark rich colors are popular for doors and trim, making your door black or a deeper color like teal or Sedona is a great way to bring depth to your patio. If you have a darker exterior, consider a light color like white or soft grey.  If warm neutrals are your speed, a nice beige or greige is also a great way to add to your décor. If natural elements are what you drool over on Pinterest, then keeping a natural wood to your door is spot on. Have fun with colors and materials with your door. With spring arriving, let colors inspire you this season.


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