A 2024 Guide to Glass Shower Enclosures

If your bathroom is feeling a little dated, consider updating your shower or walk-in shower. Not sure where to start? Let’s take a trip around the hottest walk-in shower ideas for 2024. 

Small Fixed Glass Walk-in 

If you are updating a bathtub-shower combination, the simplest upgrade is to get a new shower pan and install a fixed glass panel. This eliminates a door and a shower curtain but elevates your shower space while keeping your smaller bathroom, airy and seamless. If you are still wanting a tub, you can replace your existing tub, and still install a fixed glass panel on your tub extending to the ceiling. This helps your shower-bath combo still look luxurious and pampered without closing it off with a wall or shower curtain. 

A bathroom with a wooden floors and a walk-in shower featuring a glass door.

Fixed glass shower enclosure


Spa Centered Walk-in

Having a shower that feels soothing and welcoming with a spa-like feel is obtainable. Making your shower tile match the wall color, or going with natural-looking elements in your bathroom will help achieve these looks and feel. Adding in a clean place to keep your products as well, like a built-in wall shelf or a small raised platform to prop your shower products helps give a spa forward feel. Rainfall shower heads with extra handheld showerheads add to a squeaky clean refreshing feel. Keeping those glass walls and doors frameless also adds a soothing touch to any shower. To give extra steam benefits, keep the shower area-wide, and add glass walls almost all the way to the ceiling. This will create steam in your shower but will help ventilate it out. 

Shower Enclosures by The Glass Guru, Top Rated Glass Company

Spa-like shower in a primary bathroom.


Glass Walk-in with a Tub

If your bathroom is spacious and you’re aiming for a dramatic effect, consider installing a large walk-in shower that includes a bathtub within the enclosure. Opt for glass walls that stretch from floor to ceiling to encase your bathing area. You can choose to go doorless or install wide, tall frameless glass doors for a sleek, all-glass look. Incorporate shelving between the tub and shower fixtures to store bath products and decorative plants, adding a touch of luxury. This setup is perfect for those who love a relaxing soak in the tub but also appreciate the convenience of a shower for washing their hair afterwards.

A spacious attic bathroom with a bathtub, sink, and a walk-in shower for added convenience.

Bathtub in a walk-in shower


Shower Room with a Full Glass Door 

If your older home features a traditional “shower room” — essentially a small, three-walled shower — you can create a more open feel without demolishing any walls. Consider utilizing the entire opening as a doorway by installing a full-length frameless glass door equipped with sleek handles. Ensure that the door doesn’t extend all the way to the ceiling to allow for adequate steam ventilation. This update not only enhances the spaciousness of your shower but also modernizes its look. If you feel discouraged, Tiffany Leigh Design has some fabulous shower room design ideas that are simply drool worthy. Even if you don’t have a shower room, you might want one after looking at how cool they are. 

Shower room with glass door


Who Needs Doors?

If your shower area is an open space, why not go for a bold design? Consider installing floor-to-ceiling glass walls with an open entrance, omitting the door entirely. This design lends a touch of grandeur to both your shower and the overall bathroom, making it particularly suitable for modern or minimalist styles. The absence of a door and the use of clear glass walls create a sleek, uninterrupted look. However, be aware that this setup can lead to a cooler environment with less steam retention, which might not be ideal if you enjoy steamy showers.

Whether you’re planning a major shower overhaul or a minor update, finding inspiration is key. It’s also crucial to understand your specific needs from your shower. Compile a list of your preferences and requirements, and consider how frequently you use your shower. This will help you decide on the scale of your renovation. For more design inspiration, we are loving Native Trails’ 4 Bathroom Design Trends Taking Over in 2024.

A walk-in shower with a marble shower and glass shower door.

Walk-in shower with no door

Let The Professionals Help 


Deciding on the design for your new shower can be challenging. Why not browse through a few photos for inspiration? Once you’ve got some ideas, bring them to your local glass specialists at The Glass Guru. We’re here to help you enhance your shower space and turn those glass-enclosed dreams into reality. Once you have your shower updated, you may find your vanity mirror needs some updating as well.