How Much Does it Cost to Replace Window Glass?

On average, it costs around $150 to $650 to replace a window, excluding labor. Labor costs range from $100 to $300 on average. In order to figure out what exactly comprises the cost of window replacement, these are the factors to consider:

  • Window style
  • Window frame Material
  • Panes
  • Glass Type

Window Style

First, consider the style of window you are replacing. This will significantly impact the window glass replacement cost.

Picture window

Picture windows maximize light and visibility and are commonly used as the central unit for bay windows.

Replacing glass for a picture window costs $300 to $1,000 on average.

Bay Window

Bay windows are a combination of three (or more) windows that are connected and angle out.

The average cost for replacing all three panes of a bay window is $500 to $1,800.

Bow Window

Bow windows are similar to bay windows, however, the connected windows make a curve shape rather than an angle.

The average cost for replacing all panes of a bow window is $1,200 to $3,000.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows open vertically with a windowpane that slides up.

The average cost of replacing single-hung windows is $100 to $400 each.

Double-Hung Windows

Similar to single-hung windows, double-hung windows have a pane that slides up. However, this kind of window also has a pane that slides down, increasing airflow.

The average cost of replacing double-hung windows is $175 to $800 each.

Frame Material

If you are looking to replace your window frame, as well as the glass, costs vary depending on frame material.


Vinyl frames are the most popular and most durable. They also have one of the cheapest upfront costs and require little maintenance.

Vinyl window frames cost $100 to $900. Decorative and large bow or bay vinyl window frames may reach $1,500 to $2,500.


Wood is a classic frame material that can maintain a home’s value. A wooden frame provides good insulation, but is not as durable as vinyl, requiring moderate maintenance.

Wood window frames costs range heavily from $150 to $1,300.


Fiberglass is more durable than vinyl and will not warp, swell, shrink, or rot. However, its benefits are marginal compared to its high price, so it’s not a popular choice.

Fiberglass window frames cost $500 to $1,500.


Aluminum stands up to rain and humidity better than any other frame material, but it’s tough to paint and provides low insulation. It is the least popular frame material.

Aluminum window frames cost $75 to $400.

Panes & Glazing

A popular reason for replacing window glass is to update inefficient or outdated window panes. That typically means replacing a single pane window (also known as a single glazed window) with a double pane window (or double glazed windows), which is the current standard.

The reason for this is energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat gain and heat loss are responsible for 25%–30% of a house’s heating and cooling bills. So, owning windows that keep your house well-insulated from the temperature outside can save you money on energy bills.

Your choice of glazing affects the window glass replacement cost. However, window size, type, and frame material also factor into the cost of the following glazings:

  • Single Pane – These windows cost $50 to $200 on average.
  • Double Pane – These windows cost $200 to $600 on average.
  • Triple Pane – These windows cost $550 to $850 on average.

Single Pane

Single pane glass is inexpensive and easy to replace. However, it is also easily breakable, prone to condensation, and offers poor insulation.

This is the cheapest option at $2 to $7 per square foot.

Double Pane

Double pane windows offer better insulation and energy efficiency than single-pane windows and they reduce noise.

Double pane glass costs $6 to $12 per square foot and it is the current standard for residential windows.

Triple Pane

Triple pane glass offers superior insulation and resistance to condensation. It is up to 20% more energy-efficient than double pane glass, reduces more noise, and increases your home’s value.

Triple pane glass costs $20 to $70 per square foot.

Note: Triple pane windows require difficult installation and they are substantially more expensive. If you don’t deal with extreme climates and your house can not structurally support the weight of triple pane windows, it may be worth it to save money and choose a quality double pane window glass.

Glass Type

Windows perform differently based on the type of glass you choose. Of course, these differences in performance will reflect in the costs. Let’s explore the price of some of the most practical options.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is four times stronger than annealed or untreated glass. When it breaks, it shatters into small chunks, rather than jagged pieces to reduce injury, making this an ideal glass if safety is a major concern.

However, this added benefit makes it more expensive and any minor damage done to the glass requires you to replace home windows.

Tempered glass costs $8 to $20 per square foot for a single pane and $20 to $30 per square foot for a double pane.

Acrylic Window Glass Alternative

This glass alternative is over ten times stronger than glass. Although it scratches easily, it is glare-resistant, storm-resistant, and shatter-proof. This is a great “glass” material for extreme weather conditions.

Acrylic window thermoplastic costs $7-$40 per square foot.

Low-E Glass

The majority of insulated glass units come standard with this coating. This reduces condensation, increases energy savings, and reduces UV rays by 75%. Reducing the transmission of UV rays protects skin and fabrics from sun damage.

Low-E (low emission) glass is made by thinly coating plain glass with metal oxide. It costs $35 to $45 more per window.

Window Size

Your own window replacement cost will depend on the size of your window. Smaller windows will require less material and installation time, while larger windows will require more. So, the size of your window will determine whether your own cost is on the lower or higher end of these price ranges.


Labor for professional glass replacement costs $100 to $225 on average. Glass specialists charge $100 to $150 for the first hour and $35 to $75 for each hour afterward. It takes an average of 60 to 90 minutes to replace a window.

How to Save Money on Replacing Window Glass

If you aren’t careful, the cost of replacing windows can quickly add up. Being intentional about your window shopping (pun not intended) can ensure you keep the cost as low as possible. Let’s discuss some money-saving strategies.

Purchase Single-Hung Windows

The benefit that double-hung windows have over single-hung is that you can more easily clean the upper pane from inside the house since it also moves. This is useful for upper story windows. Also, double-hung windows allow you to have the window open from just the top which is ideal for keeping children safe. However, without either of these concerns, there is a little extra benefit to justify the extra cost of double-hung windows.

Consider Generic Windows

Brand name windows do not guarantee better quality. Explore off-brand windows and be wary of authorized dealers that only carry one brand and no other price-competitive options.

Check Energy Star Ratings

All windows in the Energy Star program will have the energy efficiency ratings given by the National Fenestration Rating Council displayed on the glass. A higher price does not always mean more energy efficiency.

Get Five or More Estimates

Most companies will offer free estimates and getting several estimates puts more power in your hands. You not only have a better chance of getting a good price, but you also have more negotiation power. When it comes to window replacement, you can usually negotiate a bit with the salesperson, especially if they know you have other estimates.


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