How A Window Inspection Can Benefit Your Home

When’s the last time you looked at your windows? No, not out your windows. At them. If your answer is “never,” since they were first installed it’s probably time to get your windows checked. A whole-house window inspection done by a reputable glass shop can be an eye-opening experience. It can reveal crucial information about the condition of your windows and the rest of your household—information you’ll cherish if you’re making a move or making big changes. 

To get the full picture of the benefits of window inspections, take a look below. We’ll break down what you might learn in the process—and how it might save you money in the long run. 

Water damage in a window

Water damage in a window.

1. Alerts You to Physical Damage

It’s okay if you’re not already in the weeds with your windows—that’s what your inspection’s for. An experienced inspector will be trained to look closely at the exterior and interior spaces that surround your windows and check for signs of physical damage. 

Here’s what they might discover:

Signs of Water Damage

Water damage from leaky windows can wreak serious havoc on your house, which can impact the structural integrity, appearance, and yes, even the smell of your home. When left unattended, leaking windows can support a host of challenging and costly issues, including:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Structural erosion
  • Warped floorboards

These consequences can impact the well-being of your home—and, with mold in the picture—its inhabitants. 

A major draw of a window inspection is that it will pick up on those beginning signs of water damage that, while distinctive, can be easy to miss if you’re not on the hunt. 

An experienced inspector will know exactly what to look for, namely:

  • Cracked or deteriorated wood
  • Discoloration on your floors 
  • Bubbling or peeling paint 

While unearthing evidence of damaged windows and water leakage might not feel like a benefit, information is always empowering. Learning that it’s time to repair or replace windows today might prevent your minor water damage from percolating into a major problem tomorrow, saving you buckets of money and grief. 


Unsatisfactory Sealant

It’s inevitable—time takes a toll on everything, even your window sealant. If you’ve noticed an uptick in cool drafts or suspect some recent water damage, it might be time to check and have window seal repair done.

An inspection can confirm or assuage your concerns. Your inspector will investigate the exterior and interior window area to see how the caulking is holding up, considering

  • Whether there are any cracks
  • If the sealant is pulling away from the window frame
  • If there is any condensation between window panes

Should your inspector notice any red flags or weak spots, you will know that it’s time to remove the damaged material and apply fresh sealant. Next thing on the docket? Resting easy for the rainy days to come.  


Rips, Chips, and Blemishes

Let’s say it’s been a buggy summer, and in your living room nonetheless! But you have screens on all of your windows. And you’re vigilant about keeping the door shut. So, where are the bugs coming from? The inspection can reveal the culprit. It may be a rip just out of sight, like behind your kitchen window. 

Thanks to your inspection, you’ll know to replace the screen, and you’ll be well on your way to keeping the outside out

Inspections can bring a variety of issues to light, including physical damage like: 

  • Faulty screens
  • Chipped paint 
  • Splintered wood

 Staying on top of these blemishes can help you keep your home looking sparkling and fresh. 

Window lock in tact.

Window lock in tact.

2. Reveals Home Safety Risks

It’s true that a whole-house window inspection will uncover the many ways that the elements can take their toll on your windows. And it’s also true will also confirm whether your windows can weather the rainy, sunny, windy days and nights to come. 

But a thorough inspection will also contend with factors outside of Mother Nature’s purview, testing your home’s ability to stand up to a wide range of what-ifs, including:

  • Burglaries
  • Break-ins
  • Fires

While these worst-case scenarios are unlikely to occur in most homes, a window inspection may provide you with a renewed sense of security and serenity.

So, what can you expect? Your inspector will alert you to problems within your home’s security and safety features—or put your mind at ease—by checking to see that all of your windows and doors shut, lock, and open properly in accordance with safety standards.

nergy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows help keep utility bills down.

3. Raises Awareness about Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the most important benefit of a whole-house window inspection is the potential to convert it into lifelong savings. 

You might learn that the previous homeowner’s improper caulking has been causing air leakage—and with it, months of astronomical heating bills. Or, you might find out that extreme weather has taken a toll on your windows’ lifespan, and you’re overdue for a window replacement

Discovering that it’s time for repairs and refurbishment might feel daunting, but it does provide an opportunity to make a savvy investment in your home. 

One of the smartest decisions you can make for your checking account and the planet? Upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors, which can save you a whopping $450 on your utility bills each year.


What Is an Energy-Efficient Window?

Energy-efficient windows that are certified as ENERGY STAR products moderate your indoor climate, conserve household energy usage, and protect you from the elements with innovative insulation. 

But the benefits of ENERGY STAR windows don’t stop there. Replacing inefficient windows with energy-saving glass can result in:

  • Decreased costs – Looking to cut down your utility bill? Installing Energy Star windows can lower the cost of household energy bills by an average of 12%.
  • Increased comfort – If you live in a sweltering climate, Energy Star windows can keep you cool, as they retain less solar heat than their less-efficient counterparts. In cooler regions, Energy Star windows are also effective and can stop the cold from entering thanks to their layered, multi-paned construction.


The Glass Guru—Because Window Maintenance Shouldn’t Be a Pane

Let’s make one thing crystal clear: making sure that your home is safe, efficient, and up-to-date shouldn’t be a pane. 

Whether you’re considering listing your house, embarking on a renovation, or renewing your commitment to regular home maintenance, it’s a shrewd idea to start with a whole-house window inspection.  

And if you’re looking for local window experts you can trust, we’re here for you. 

We know that tackling home maintenance can be intimidating. And when it comes to the well-being and security of your home, nothing could feel more important. That’s why our glass professionals take service and quality seriously, expertly executing niche repairs, large-scale installations, and everything in between.

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