Front Door Design Trends to Swoon Over for 2022

As 2022 has started, people are getting ready to make those updates they have been saving up for or just putting off getting to. If revamping your front door is something you’re looking into, we have the latest trends for you to inspire your new front door. Changing up and updating your front door adds major curb appeal to your home without totally breaking the bank. We have gathered the hottest design trends to help you gain that curb appeal you didn’t know you needed. 

Front elevation of luxury home in evening

Bigger is sometimes better.

Wide front doors are popping up a lot in front-door revamps. Having a double-leaf door takes your bland entryway door to a grand entryway door. This helps your door look welcoming and adds an extra layer of wow to your home for guests and those neighbors that always walk their dog past. Double leaf doors give extra inches of the entrance to your guests and help give a grander feel walking into the home. 

Going wider than the standard entryway dimensions adds a luxurious and elevated appearance. This is a design adjustment that can add value to the house and stay within a reasonable budget. It also does not take you too far out of your own design comfort zone. By widening one door or doing two grand doors, you can get that delightfully luxe aesthetic to your home by going bigger and better. House Interior has some good design tips for your wide front door. 

Let That Light In

Having natural light pouring into your entryway gives that dynamic airy feel to any interior space. Plus, it’s always nice to have big clear views of your food delivery order being dropped off. Maybe wide doors aren’t your jam, or they are but you need more impact; adding glass panels to the sides of your door gives you both a design edge and natural light. You can even add a glass panel over the door to give added height and dimension to your front door. You could even add glass paneling to your door as well. 

Giving your front door more glass gives that clean and airy feel to your design. This trend goes well with both modern and craftsman-style exteriors. You can even add color to the glass by installing stained glass panels in your door. Maybe the stained glass is too much for your style, but you want more. Opt-in for textured or glazed glass instead. Having glass elements may it be around your door or doors or in them, gives any entering guest a reason to awe. 

Grass in pot and wooden path in front of front door stylish suburban house

It’s Ok to be Materialistic 

So we talked about putting glass into your door, but what if you made your whole door glass? Yes, you heard me. Having your front door completely glass is an increasingly popular trend. Instead of a window in your door or glass panels, some homeowners are deciding a glass door adds to their exterior style perfectly. 

Glass isn’t everyone’s style but wood is still a popular choice. Vintage and classic are trends that will stay around but are also making major waves in the home design world. For the modern home, steel is a hot design choice for a front door right now as well. Having a front door with the material that compliments your exterior and interior style will add the correct curb appeal to your house that you’re wanting. 

Stylish black front door of modern house with white walls, door mat, tree in pot, black bench, stairs and lamps.

Colors To Make Your Neighbors Go “Wow!”

Adding color to your front door is always a great choice to go. This year, the more popular color option for your front door is black. Modern, stylish, and classic, you cannot go wrong with painting your door black. Painting your door black shouldn’t be intimidating as it goes with pretty much all styles and gives contrast to most exterior house colors. 

If black isn’t your move and you want to really wow, red or terra cotta colors are an increasingly popular color choice for those bold styles. A rusty terra cotta goes well with lighter brick colors and light-colored siding. For a deep and rich pop of color and a modern look, choosing a red color is a great way to go. 

For those that prefer lighter and airier colors, have darker exterior colors already, or just do not like heavy contrast to lighter exteriors, pastel colors and muted neutrals are in and very popular. Muted greens and pastel blues can complement any exterior style from modern to the new big trend of transitional. Even boho homes can look good with a deep moody blue or a warm greige color. House Interior also has some inspirational ideas on popular colors for your front door. 

Even if you end up not changing out your door, changing out the color of it is an ideal way to revamp that entryway. And if paint isn’t your style, no fear, natural-looking wood and materials are in and making waves on Pinterest boards. 

At The Glass Guru, we know all about the importance of a sturdy, reliable, beautiful front door. Whether this is your forever home or you’re getting ready to sell, giving your home an added personal touch to the front door can make any homeowner feel proud. 


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