New Year, New Door Trends for 2023

The new year is approaching, and the holiday plans and activities are beginning to subside. Now is the time of year where we look to shift our mindsets and plan for the new year. Home projects may now be back at the top of your priority list. Why not look into what you can do in your home with some popular door trends for 2023? Starting your new year with a new door to kick off your home improvement projects could bring in luck and serve as a great project motivation for additional 2023 projects. Here are some of our favorite glass door trends! 

A pantry door with a designed glass insert.

Glass Inserts In Your Door 

One trend that is starting to catch fire is glass inserts in doors. It could be your front door, the door leading to your home office, or even the door for your pantry. Adding glass to your doors can take a simple home object and really elevate it along with the surrounding space.

There are so many different options you can choose from for your glass insert. From frosted to decorative glass, your door can take on a whole new look for the new year. You don’t even have to glass the whole door. Having the top quarter or top half of your door fitted with glass inserts is a fun way to enhance any door, interior or exterior. Adding door inserts allow for great light transmission, even if you also want to maintain privacy by choosing frosted or translucent glass options.


A primary suite with mirrored French doors.


Timeless French Door Trends 

Glass inserts in your French doors are staying, but are you looking at an interior door and wanting the same look? You can add some French doors into your space as well. Bringing double doors back into a family room or home office with French doors is a classing trend. 

If a central room is used a lot, like a family room, dining room, or playroom, double French doors can allow you to close off the space when desired, yet keep your interior design intact. Having double doors in a space where can also give you a grander feel to the room and area. It gives a luxurious feeling. Having windowed doors into a room for parents is also a great way to give some separation while being able to keep your eye on the other room. 


Glass pocket doors via Pinterest at Direct Doors


Glass Pocket Doors 

Pocket doors are making a comeback in interior design. Adding glass inserts to your pocket doors can really add a surprise to your surprise door. This design works well with laundry rooms, pantries and central family rooms. Pocket doors are a great alternative to barn doors. Barn doors were a booming trend that does make practical sense, especially with its space-saving design. Pocket doors are a great way to have those same benefits, but have a timeless (and more hidden) design. 

You can add frosted glass, design glass, or even textured glass inserts to these doors. This is a fairly new trend on the rise that gives the same timeless feel of french doors but adds the nice elements of pocket doors. 

Call the neighborhood glass pros you trust if you are adding or repairing glass inserts. Your ideas should be able to come to life the way you want. Having the experts handling your glass door trends need is the easiest way to make your house your home.