Top Window Design Trends 2021

Now that we’ve shut the door (or window) on the year 2020, we can take the time to look back and reflect on the highs and lows—most importantly, the top window design trends of the year.

With so much time spent staring out the very windows we’re talking about, you might be more than ready to make a change to your humble abode.

But where to start?

While it’s not always best to follow the masses and succumb to every cool new thing or up-and-coming fashion trend, these six window designs are as timeless as they are popular. These may be the best and brightest of 2020, but you’re sure to love these home windows with every new year you ring in.

#1 Window Walls

Sometimes, less is more—but not when it comes to natural light.

In fact, in this case, bigger is almost always better. Window walls are uniquely popular because they simultaneously accomplish two highly sought-after effects:

  • Massive, seamless window panes naturally create an air of class, sophistication, and assumed luxury (especially when they overlook beautiful natural scenery).
  • With plenty of light streaming into your living room during the day, your home automatically feels warm and cozy—somewhere you enjoy spending your time.

Ample daylight is about more than aesthetic appeal, though. It has positive impacts on your health and well-being, including increased vitamin D exposure, improved mood, better sleep patterns, and more. If only replacing your door frames or buying new kitchen appliances came with health benefits, too!

Trendy tip: Letting more light in instantly makes the space feel bigger and more open, especially when paired with light-colored walls and furniture. Window walls can improve any interior space, big or small, but choosing a light paint color or wallpaper can increase the value of your design update immensely.

#2 Bold Window Frames

Minimalism has been all the rage lately, but the pendulum tends to swing back and forth from one extreme to another. In 2020, many homeowners found themselves embracing larger window frames as trendy statement pieces in otherwise simple rooms.

But you can go big and bold regardless of your current aesthetic.

In fact, there are two current window design trends regarding thick, bold frames. One is bound to fit flawlessly into your design plan:

  • Elegant black frames – If your home is decorated with a sleek modern sensibility, buying windows with bold window frames in dark tones will add a dramatic look to your living space without interrupting your monochromatic design palette. The contrast between stark black window frames and crisp white walls is yet another trend in 2020.
  • Bright pops of color – At the exact other end of the spectrum, there’s something equally appealing about vibrant colors that people seem to have fallen in love with this past year. Use wooden window frames as the perfect location for an accent color. Trendy jewel tones are in this season, but they also have a timeless effect, especially deep purples, and emerald green.

Trendy tip: With such thick lines, these big, bold (and beautiful) frames look best on large picture windows because they still allow for plenty of natural light and scenic views. For smaller spaces, such as a compact bedroom or kitchen windows, stick with slimmer frames and narrow rails and stiles.

#3 Bay Windows

Bay windows are nothing new, but they’ve been reinvented and rediscovered in recent years. You can now incorporate beautiful, modern iterations of this classic feature with sleeker window panes and more durable glass.

A bay window is where three window panes meet to create a nook or alcove, usually extending into the backyard or somewhere with a view. They’re a stunning and slightly more unique option for window installation, but they also have untapped functional potential:

  • The space created by a bay window is the perfect premade reading nook. Decorate this cozy little hideout with a long seat cushion and a few throw pillows and blankets for built-in window seating.
  • You can also turn a bay window into bench seating at your breakfast table for a more intimate setting.
  • You can even create a small garden in the opening of your bay window—after all, it does get plenty of natural light. You can never go wrong with a little added greenery.

Bay windows often jut out past the line of your house, so think carefully about placement to avoid blocking pathways or interfering with existing gardens and yard space. You’ll also have a much easier time building on the ground floor for safety reasons, but a second-floor reading nook with a view may just be worth the extra hassle.

Either way, bay windows are a lovely addition to living rooms, dens, bedrooms, and even spacious hallways, whether you include a built-in cozy spot or not.

Trendy tip: Modern bay windows are often made with 90-degree angles and black frames to create a sleek, boxy aesthetic, rather than the standard wood-framed 45-degree angles typical in Victorian homes. You can decide for yourself which suits your home and style, but remember that you can always put a contemporary spin on a classic feature.

#4 Corner Window Units

The corner of a room is almost always the darkest spot. But what if it could become the exact opposite with a set of 90-degree wrap-around corner windows?

With this recent trend, the entire feel of your room will change. Letting the light in and opening the space up from the corner will make the area feel exponentially bigger. You’ll be replacing the hard-stop, dead-end where wall meets wall with a natural outdoor landscape and wide-open brightness. This also eliminates the stark indoor-outdoor barrier by blurring the boundaries between backyard greenery and cozy living space.

Much like a large bay window, you can easily affix a corner unit with bench seating, cushions and blankets, and even under-seat storage compartments.

Trendy tip: By installing the window frames in the same or similar color as the wall paint, you’ll create a seamless transition from one surface to the other. Instead of appearing jarring and out of place, your corner unit windows will feel like a natural part of the room’s geography.

#5 Transoms & Sidelights

One major theme of 2020 has been to let the light in where you can. Not every house has the right layout to install floor-to-ceiling windows, but everyone wants to fill their home with warmth and sunlight. Sometimes, you have to get a little creative about where this light comes from.

How to choose windows that let a lot of light in? Two simple trend windows perfectly fit the bill:

  • Transoms – A transom is a long horizontal beam with windows above it, usually placed atop entryways and door frames. These windows are an easy way to introduce more light and increased aesthetic appeal to an otherwise drab set of doors.
  • Sidelights – Similarly, sidelights are long vertical windows, typically on either side of a doorway. These are the perfect way to incorporate natural light into a tight space while creating a pleasing visual picture. Sidelights also pair beautifully with transoms, especially to give your main entrance a more distinctive look, as it is your guests’ first impression of your home.

Trendy tip: While technically not a “transom,” by traditional definition, you can consider installing a row of windows near the tops of high walls, like a skylight but on an exterior wall instead of the ceiling. This can further open up rooms with vaulted ceilings and add a visual design feature to large, uniform stretches of drywall. These are also great additions to bathrooms, which usually have very few windows for privacy purposes.

#6 Energy-Efficient Windows

Who said window design trends are purely visual? Lately, it’s very on-trend to strive for a more environmentally friendly and efficient home, including updated windows.

The best part of this trend is that you can combine it with any of the other five design options, from window walls to corner units. In fact, when you’re installing floor-to-ceiling glass or creating a cozy seating area, it’s essential to use well-insulated window panes to better maintain an ideal temperature.

Properly insulated windows can cut energy costs by up to 15%, especially in very hot or cold climates that require increased protection from the elements. Homeowners are moving towards this type of window upgrade and installation because of their energy-efficient, cost-effective benefits.

Trendy tip: The more glass you have, the more important these windows are (and the greater your cost-saving potential becomes). If you’re looking to replace home windows, start with your large picture windows and window walls before moving on to the smaller ones throughout the house. You’ll be able to reap the benefits quicker by eliminating the most problematic of your panes.

Let The Light In With New Windows

Trends come and go, but stunning new window styles that suit your home are here to stay.

These may be the top window design trends of the year, but there are plenty more options out there, depending on your budget, aesthetic, preferences, and layout. Feel free to combine styles, make alterations to already-popular examples, or dream up something completely new and unique—it’s your home, after all.

No matter what you’re looking for, from replacing window glass or whether to replace or repair windows, there are window replacement and installation experts at The Glass Guru that can help you get exactly what you want. Just reach out today or call us at (877) 654-8507 to bring these amazing trends into your home!


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