Trending Vanity Mirrors for 2022

If you have been wanting to give your bathroom a small update, or a finishing touch, consider getting a new vanity mirror. We have gathered the hottest trends for 2022 when it comes to vanity, or well, at least the mirror over your vanity. Updating the vanity mirror you use frequently will actually make a huge impact on your space. We want you to enjoy brushing your teeth more, so why not update that mirror?

Rounded top frameless vanity mirror.

All About That Vanity Mirror Shape 

Mirrors do not have to be clean straight lines all the time, and homeowners are embracing that fully. Curved edges are IN! Even then, you still have so many options to choose from on what your vanity mirror’s shape will look like. You have circular mirrors that are becoming increasingly popular. Better Homes and Garden agrees how popular and trendy round vanity mirrors are. Specifically, oversized circular mirrors. Wide rectangle mirrors with a rounded top are also making waves in the vanity scene. These mirrors always look good in a more minimalistic design or an organic modern/modern farmhouse design.  Those are extremely popular oversized. To ROUND out the curved options, ornate is also an option. Between tall and thin with an intricate top, and wide and shorter with a uniquely shaped top are popular design choices for those that lean more on the transitional or minimalism interiors. 

Tall rectangle vanity mirrors in a a bathroom.

Clean Edges Will Stay In for Vanity Mirrors

If you are more of a classic, straight lines fan, don’t worry. Squares and rectangles are still very popular and safe choices to go with. In saying that, there are still so many options in your vanity mirror choice. Broad square mirrors are great design choices for those in smaller bathrooms. This helps open up and gives an illusion that your space is bigger than it is. If you have a double vanity, you could cover both sides with one, or go with two smaller squared mirrors over each sink. Square mirrors look great with tall and narrow faucets. Counter your square with round light fixtures to add dimension. 

You can have fun with rectangles as well. From long and tall over each sink or wide and high over the whole vanity, you have options. If you want a little more of a grander feel, bigger will do better here. A wide and short rectangle covering the width of the vanity will give the illusion that this space is big and grand, especially if you do not have a double vanity. If you are more on the minimalistic side of décor, having two separate tall and narrow rectangles over each of your sinks gives the best impact on your space. Setting them close to your vanity with shorter faucets gives a clean and airy feel. 

Vanity Mirror Materials Matter

When framing your vanity mirror, the type of material you go with does matter when it comes to your interior design. We will break down the different types of materials and why you should go with them. 

Chic bathroom with wood vanity mirror.


Wood is still a hot frame option for your mirror, but think slim. Having a slim natural wood frame around your mirror goes well with almost all design types. Adding a light fixture or two to these is always a great added design choice. If slim frames aren’t your thing, or you have a farmhouse/craftsman-style house, chunky or designed wooden frames are a great option for you. Keeping them their wood color or painting them is also fairly common. For the most part, the natural look of wood is what makes this option so popular. 

Modern Boho bathroom with metal vanity mirrors.


Thin steel frames are a popular choice as they go with most design choices. You can have them in black, which is the most popular option, or in white and even in their raw color. If you prefer something warmer, gold is also a great option. Having a thin frame helps open up your mirror more, which in turn, helps open up your space. Thick frames are still in but work best if you have a smaller vanity. 

Mixing Your Materials 

If you like the look of both, you can always just mix them. A wood frame with some metal accents is always fun and gives a cool rustic industrial look. A metal frame with a built-in wooden shelf is a cool and functional modern farmhouse option. When it comes to interior design, sometimes going against suggestions, is a beautiful thing. 

Beveled edged vanity mirrors in a chic bathroom.


No Frame, No Problem for a Vanity Mirror

If a frame is not your jam at all, no worries, frameless is a classic option that will go in all interior spaces. You can go frameless in a rectangle shape or a round shape. Dreamland Design also helps break down frameless vanity mirror options. You can keep the edges clean and smooth or go for a beveled edge giving a more *design* look. If you are someone that uses your mirror a lot, a frameless LED mirror is a cool option. That look would sit well in a very straight-lined modern home. If you love a big wow factor in your designs, a mirror wall over your vanity is a great option as well. 

Vanity is Ok

At The Glass Guru, we support you wanting a better vanity mirror. After all, your bathroom is your retreat, you can be a little vain. Mirrors in any room always make the space feel bigger, personalized and overall better. Having an impactful mirror for your self-care routine is always a great feeling, so contact your neighborhood professionals today for a free consultation.