What are Screens and Should You Get Them?

More homeowners are taking a look at their windows and back porches and wondering what else they can do to make it the ideal oasis. The solution may be easier than you thought. We are going to talk about what screens are, the different types, and why you would have them. Each type of screen can be a good solution for you. 

Cats enjoying the breeze from a window with an insect screen.

Cats looking out the window screen.

Window Screens

Window screens are also known as insect screens, bug screens, or window nets. These are installed over your window. This allows you to open your window and not let bugs in. These work with most windows and just sit right in front of the window pane. If they tear, they can easily be repaired. These are fairly standard, and most houses already tend to have them on their windows. Screens on your window are great if you enjoy sliding open those windows to circulate the air in your home with fresh air without stepping outside. You can still see through them outside, but they give a little privacy from outsiders. You can also put them over the whole window or just where you will be opening your window. 

Window and door screens on a cute house.

Screen door on a front porch.

Screen Doors 

I immediately go to Dorothy and her tornado in Kansas when I think of screen doors. Those are precisely what they are. Now, they do not have to look like that anymore, but they are great at letting you have your door open without… totally having your door open. They are installed outside your existing exterior door, almost like another door with a mesh film. This allows fresh air and sunlight to enter your doorway and leave the other annoying bits of the outside world out. If you have a back patio, the best use of screen doors is to screen in the whole back porch and add a door to get to the rest of your yard. Having an enclosed porch like this is great for every season. 

Solar screens in a home in California.

Solar screens installed on a house.

Solar Screens

Solar screens are a bit different than your usual window screens. They are a bit darker in color as they are panels that fit over your windows that block UV rays. The best use of them is to help you save money on your air conditioning over the summer. You are blocking the heat from entering your home so you can keep the air conditioning at a reasonable temperature. (You’re welcome dad.) These are also easy to remove if you do not want them during the winter season. Solar screens can also be used if you’re going to screen in your porch. They will help insulate your patio, making it less sweaty to sit and enjoy your backyard. This is also nice, as this will help protect your outdoor furniture from the discoloring UV rays. 

A screen over a window for security.

Extra security on your window with a screen.

Security Screens 

Security screens help give you an extra layer of protection on your exterior doors and windows. These look very familiar to window screens, but the material is different. They have a stronger mesh that can withstand knife cuts and penetration. Security screens are also harder to remove from the window or door frame. Your view isn’t blocked but helps slow down forced entry into your home. These screens work well in high weather areas, like tornados and hurricanes where debris will easily fly around. Build with a Bang breaks down security screens and the materials that are used as well as else they protect you from. 


Talk to the Experts That Can Help You 

If you are ready for screens now or are still doing your homework, reach out to your local experts. They can help you decide which solutions work best for your home and goals. The Glass Guru can be those experts for you. If you already have screens and just need a repair, we can do that too.