Sliding Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors open by sliding along horizontal tracks at the head and sill. Available in a variety of materials to match and compliment your windows, sliding or gliding glass patio doors don’t swing, so they require less floor space, allowing you to place furniture nearby, inside or out. They are also a great source of natural light and are available in both French and Contemporary styles and can be designed for either a right-hand or left-hand operation.

Sliding doors are designated by which side opens, as viewed from the outside. X is used to designate the sliding portion of the window and O for the fixed portion. Therefore an X-O sliding door – the most common – will have the left side operable and the right side fixed.

The Glass Guru offers a variety of sliding door brands and options to fit your needs. Our estimators and installers are sliding patio door experts. Whether you need a sliding patio door for new construction or to replace and upgrade the existing patio door in your home, no one knows sliding patio doors like The Glass Guru.