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Looking to create a great exercise room or dance studio? A mirror wall is simply a wall that is partly or completely covered in this attractive product. A mirror wall can be created by installing one or more very large mirrors or by arranging many smaller mirrors. Floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls punctuate a space, but keeping the mirrors at a half-wall capacity can be equally alluring. We can help you create your own tailored gym or studio environment by installing wall mirrors to fit walls of any specifications.

Mirror walls can be installed using mastic or hardware or both. When mirror mastic is used, the mirror is attached directly to the wall. It can also be supported on a metal strip to achieve the desired look. J-Channel has a profile shaped like the letter J (minus the line across the top). Due to its shape, it wraps around the front of the mirror and is visible as a thin metal strip along the bottom of the mirror wall. L-Bar offers a more frameless look; since it is shaped like a capital L, no metal is visible on the front of the mirror. Both of these provide the strength and support to safely carry the weight of the mirror glass.

Mirror walls from The Glass Guru are designed to add function and value to your home or business. Our estimators and installers are mirror wall experts. No one knows mirror walls like The Glass Guru.