Framed Shower Enclosures

Framed Glass Shower Enclosures

A less expensive alternative to frameless or semi-frameless enclosures, framed glass shower enclosures, and framed glass shower doors give a traditional look while maintaining durability by using a metal frame to stabilize the glass. The glass is bordered with aluminum that can be ordered in a variety of finishes.

Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Semi-frameless glass shower enclosures include only the minimum amount of metal necessary for the stability of the unit. The semi-frameless enclosure has a metal header, and all of the fixed glass has a thin metal frame. The glass used is usually 1/4 tempered glass, but 3/16 is also used. The glass door on the enclosure does not have a metal frame, so the total shower door enclosure is considered semi-frameless.

Every shower enclosure has many options to fit your home’s style. Our estimators and installers are glass shower enclosure experts and can help make getting your new shower enclosure a simple process. No one knows glass shower enclosures and doors like The Glass Guru.