Window & Door Screens


Window Screens by The Glass Guru, Top Rated Glass CompanyEnhance the functionality and appeal of your windows and doors with our comprehensive screen solutions. At The Glass Guru, we offer top-notch repair and installation services for residential and commercial screens, ensuring longevity and efficiency for your property.

Window Screens

Enjoy the fresh breeze without worrying about pests with our high-quality window screens. Whether you need to replace torn or outdated screens, our experts are here to assist you. Choose from a variety of frame colors and fabric options to customize your screens and complement your home’s aesthetic.

Screen Doors

Experience the outdoors while keeping bugs at bay with our durable screen doors. From sliding screens to hinged doors, we provide a range of options to suit your preferences. With various frame colors and fabric choices available, you can enhance both the functionality and style of your entryways.

Solar Screens

Protect your home from the sun’s heat and UV rays with our efficient solar screens. Installed over your existing windows, these screens can help reduce energy costs and preserve your interior furnishings. Choose from different blocking percentages and frame colors to achieve optimal comfort and aesthetics.

Security Screens & Doors

Ensure the safety of your home without compromising on visibility or airflow with our security screen doors. Available in sliding or French styles, these doors offer added protection against intruders while enhancing the architectural appeal of your property. Benefit from increased security, visibility, and energy savings with our customizable options.

Screen Repair

Don’t let damaged screens disrupt the functionality of your windows and doors. Our skilled technicians specialize in screen repair, offering cost-effective solutions to keep your screens in top condition. Whether it’s torn mesh or damaged frame members, we’ll restore your screens to their former glory, ensuring maximum durability and performance.

Trust The Glass Guru for all your screen repair and installation needs. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us help you enhance the comfort and beauty of your home or business.