4 Reasons Pet Doors are a Good Choice

Have you ever thought about getting a pet door for your home? When we have pets, we want to ensure they can always go in and out of the house as they please. The need to let them have the freedom of the outside world is a high priority to most owners and letting them choose when they want to come in and out can be one of the most rewarding things you do for your pet. 

Pet doors can be used for cats and dogs but are also helpful for other small animals like rabbits, ferrets or guinea pigs. They are convenient for you and your pets. Here are our favorite reasons why you should consider adding a pet door.

A happy dog using their in-glass pet door.

Pet doors provide independence and a leisurely lifestyle for your pet.

Pet doors give your pets more independence, which is important to many owners. They can go in and out of the house as they please, which makes them feel like they have some control over their lives. It’s also a good way for them to get some fresh air and exercise without you having to constantly get up from where you are and open the door for them. They also don’t have to worry about being locked out or in, which can happen if they are outside and you leave the house. 

Maybe your pet is on a schedule. Your dog knows when the mailman comes and wants to be at the gate to greet them. Or maybe your cat knows when the neighbor’s cat is out. Now they’ll be able to attend to their own interests without interrupting your Zoom meeting. 

Pet doors can be sized for a wide variety of pets.

Pet doors are convenient for the entire family.

 A pet door is a great way to make your life easier. You don’t have to get up and open the door every time your pets want to go outside or come inside. Each family member is now off the hook for doggy duty. Now more time can go into whatever else you need your energy to go to. More time for helping with math homework? More time ordering your next DoorDash meal? But definitely less time taken up to let the pet out. This can save you time and energy, giving you more freedom in your schedule.

You may have an active household or a household of caretakers. Taking another added responsibility of ensuring Fido uses the bathroom outside can help alleviate stress. Being able to always have something checked off the to-do list is also a mood booster. It can help you stay focused on what you want and need to stay focused on. If you’re looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient and have looked at installing new doors, now is the time to do it. Between wanting to spoil your pet while qualifying for a tax incentive, credit or rebate in the Inflation Reduction Act

A cat wishing there was an pet door in this screen.

Pet Doors Work with Glass or Screens.

Pet doors work with glass that fit a sliding door or fixed window and in-screen pet doors that fit inside a screen door or window. The in-glass pet doors are especially convenient for homes with sliding glass doors, floor-to-ceiling windows and other glass patio doors.

Going for the in-glass pet door also looks great as it does not obstruct views or the design. The in-screen pet doors also work with screen doors or screened-in porches. This is an excellent option for those warmer climate areas. You can have the comfort of nice breezes with a screened door or porch; adding a pet door gives them the same convenience. If you have a screened-in porch this is an awesome option to let your pets regulate themselves and come into the porch to cool off, but they stay outside and out of your way if that is what you need.

A cat looking through a window, wishing for a pet door.

They Help with Pet Health 

Pets with access to the outdoors get more exercise, which can help improve their temperament, behavior, and health. They can also enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, a great way to keep them from boredom. Having access to the outdoors is also great for stimulation. If you have pets that are high energy, have a working mindset like a shepherd, or your pet just really enjoys feeling the wind on their fur, this will help keep them happy and you off your feet. Adding a pet door can help their nose gather those smells in no time. Giving your pet a place to stimulate their mind and senses has shown signs of better behavior and health.

At The Glass Guru, we can quickly install an in-glass pet door for your furry friend or friends.

Talk with The Pros

If you have pets, consider letting them have more freedom to come and go as they please by installing an in-glass pet door or an in-screen pet door. Talk with your neighborhood door experts, they can help you get your pet the independence they deserve. At The Glass Guru, a free estimate will let you know if this want is a doable need for your home.