4 Reasons Why You Should Install an In-Screen Pet Door

Do you have a screened-in porch or screened storm door, and it’s just missing something? An in-screen pet door could be the thing you’re looking for. These types of pet doors are installed in your screen or screen door. This allows your pet to have freedom. This also helps with the constant opening and closing of your door throughout the day. If you have a screened-in area, this offers so many benefits for you and your furry friend. 

A customer’s dog enjoying their in-screen pet door!

In-Screen Pet Door Reason 1: Health Benefits for your Pet

Dogs love to be outside, they need to use the bathroom outside as well. Giving them the freedom and option of when they can go outside helps them keep infections and other bladder-related illnesses at bay. No more interrupted Zoom calls anymore either. When your pet is able to go and explore their backyard and come in to rest as needed, this helps keep them stimulated and happy. Who doesn’t love to sunbathe and come in for water breaks? 

A cat dreaming of independence with an in-screen pet door.

In-Screen Pet Door Reason 2: They Can Warm Up or Cool Off 

Having the door open with your screen door closed, you get the benefits of natural light and the breeze. Adding a pet door to that screen door helps your pet get all the benefits of the breeze, sunlight, and the outdoors and they have the option to come in to cool off. In the Spring and summer seasons, your pet can manage themselves and stay outside if they prefer or come to hang out in your screened-in porch or sunroom. You can also hang out and not worry about getting up from your rocking chair to open the door to let Fido in or out. 

Customer’s dogs using their new in-screen pet door!

In-Screen Pet Door Reason 3: More Time For You 

Try and add up the amount of time you spend opening the door to let your pet in or out. Take that time back for yourself by installing an in-screen pet door. This will give you more time to focus on other tasks or things you need or want to get done. Sometimes, it is ok to do things that benefit you, but this item benefits you and your pet. Who doesn’t love a win-win? They get to spend more time outside and you get to spend more time finishing binging that show you just started. 

A Dog wishing for an in-screen pet door.

In-Screen Pet Door Reason 4: Spoil Your Fur Friend 

To you, you are your pet’s whole life. Taking on the responsibility of loving them is an honor and one you should take seriously. So you should absolutely spoil them! (No this is not your dog typing this.) There are definitely some good benefits to spoiling your dog a little for both parties involved. Adding something that will let them enjoy the outdoors when they want, or your cool air conditioning when they want is something they will wag their tails about. Take one look in their eyes, and you’ll just have to call a local screen expert to get this pet door installed. 

Call the Neighborhood Screen Experts

After cuddling your fur friend, and realizing you do need to spoil them with an in-screen pet door, call your neighborhood screen and pet-door experts. At The Glass Guru, you can get a free estimate on this fido-worthy project. If you already have one and need a screen repair, or other window or door screens repaired, they can do that too. If an in-glass pet door is more what you’re looking for, we have those too.