6 Glass Design Ideas for Your Home or Business

Have you ever wondered how you can incorporate glass into the design of your home or office? Most minds don’t think about glass that often or what you can even do with glass. Here are six ideas for using glass creatively and functionally in your home or business. 

Glass wall to enclose a home office.

Glass wall to enclose a home office.

Glass Design 1: Glass Walls

Glass walls are a great way to separate space without making the space feel closed-off. Going with a glass wall is great for homes that have an open concept design when you want it open but, want some cozier spaces. Maybe you have a home office you want to lighten up, while still offering some privacy.  If you have kids and want to give them their own space without losing full sight of them, glass walls can be a simple solution. 

The same goes for the office space. Closed-off cubicles are outdated and have been proven to lower morale in the workplace. Incorporating some glass walls into the design can keep an open concept instead of solid walls. This helps make the space light, airy and transparent. Your office space will feel way more welcoming and inviting. This can even help improve your relationships with employees and co-workers. Maybe you have a staff room, kitchen or café area. Consider using glass to section off that area from the main space, adding some privacy without cutting it off from the rest of the office. 

White painted glass cabinets in a remodeled kitchen.

White painted glass cabinets in a remodeled kitchen.

Glass Design 2: Cabinetry 

Having a glass insert in your cabinetry, whether it is in your kitchen or bathroom, is an often overlooked design element. To some, see-through kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors may seem intimidating because it doesn’t help hide your stuff. To others, this is a design element worth falling for. (I mean sometimes there are some plates worth showing off.) If you want the cool look of glass and still want to obscure the cabinet contents from view, consider decorative or frosted glass inserts that bring the beauty of glass without its traditional transparency. There are many different glass designs you can choose from clear or frosted glass to more ornate patterns and designs, you can easily elevate the look of your cabinets with glass. 

Century modern home with glass dinning table

Mid-Century modern home with glass dinning table.

Glass Design 3: Table Tops 

Glass table tops can take your kitchen or dining room or office décor up a notch. Having clear top table tops always do well with modern, chic and contemporary décor. They are also a fun way to add a big eating area but not take away views, or make it seem like it’s taking up less space than it really is. Do you want to add a soft but sophisticated look to your dining room table? Or a stunning contemporary edge to a basic patio set? You can also style glass tables in cool and fun ways as well. If you have a wooden table and just want to protect it, you can put glass over that as well. They are also fairly easy to clean and have hardly any maintenance.

Glass desk in a modern office.

Glass desk in a modern office.

Glass Design 4: Desk Tops/Covers 

Even though working from home is less of a thing now, there is remote work and hybrid work still happening. If you have an in-home office, a glass desktop is a great way to help give your home office and revamped look and feel. A high-design professional space at home can help spark productivity every day. This will also protect your desktop from knicks and scratches. You can either give yourself the “CEO” treatment with a full glass desk or if you’re into wood desks, you can just get a glass cover to give a clean look and feel to your desk. There are so many ideas for this! 

Employee working on a glass whiteboard in their office.

Glass Design 5: White Boards! 

Whiteboards are a great way to track your daily tasks, needed groceries, or your hectic schedule for the week. These are great for both the home and office. Why not give yourself a different type of whiteboard? Glass! Maybe you have wallpaper you don’t want to be covered, but it’s in the perfect spot for a whiteboard. Good thing you can see through the glass. Your wall can  be painted a gorgeous color through your glass whiteboard. If you want a more traditional look, there are back-painted glass whiteboards. This glass design lets you have something functional yet subtle. Glass whiteboards work just like a usual whiteboard. Erasable, sleek and you can keep up with your dinner menu for the family. These also look great in offices as well. Glass whiteboards are a sleek and innovative way to keep track of your work tasks or ideas. 

Modern kitchen with a colored black backsplash

Modern kitchen with a colored black backsplash.

Design Idea 6: Backsplash 

Have you ever seen a wallpaper that you wanted to use in every space of your home, including the kitchen? Or maybe you just don’t like the look of painted walls to tile or brick backsplash from room to room. You can have your cake and eat it too by using glass as a backsplash! Overlaying glass on top of wallpaper or the painted walls instead of using tile can be the design inspiration you have been missing in your life. This is a unique alternative way to design your kitchen or wet bar. This still protects your walls from the elements and it is easier to clean than brick, stone and grout. Sometimes, the payoff can be big when stepping outside of your design comfort zone.


If any of these six design tips speak to you, contact your local glass expert. They can sit down with you and walk you through what options are available to bring your glass design ideas to life. We’ll help you choose the right style, thickness, edgework, and other options to get you just the right look and function for your project. At The Glass Guru we’re here to help you achieve your glass dreams.