7 Ways to Update Your Shower to Create a Soothing Escape

You may not be able to go to the spa every day, but making smart design choices when you want a shower update or are preparing for a full bathroom remodel can help you create a daily experience that is almost as relaxing. Here are seven helpful tips for turning your basic shower space into a soothing escape!

White and warm wood-themed bathroom

White and warm wood-themed bathroom.

Choose a Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme, you love and sticking with it is one of the most important steps in making your shower and the rest of your bathroom look put together. Your towels, bath mat, flowers, other decorations, and even your soap should be carefully chosen in one or two shades at the most to make your space look as cohesive as possible.

Although it can be tempting to purchase each item in the color you like best from the options that are available, this strategy is likely to lead to a largely disconnected space where most things do not work well together. Too many colors can be more stressful than the peace that a simple palette can create, and sticking to one or two colors–preferably with at least one of the neutral–that complement one another nicely is a much better option. 

This goes for your fixtures as well. Sticking to a similar style and shade of silver or gold for all your faucets, mirrors, drawer handles, shower head and other accents instead of trying to mix and match them is a helpful strategy when it comes to creating a unified appearance. 

Soothing bathroom update with frameless shower.

Soothing bathroom update with frameless shower.

Update Your Shower Enclosure

Doing a shower update and can’t decide between keeping the shower curtain or going with glass? Most shower curtains are not very attractive, especially because they tend to get covered with mildew quickly and are difficult to clean. When looking for ways on how to make your shower more aesthetically pleasing try replacing your glass. Replacing yours with a simple glass wall takes the focus off the covering of your shower and turns it into modern elegance that easily blends into any background. Finding the best way to clean glass is easy with a shower wall. Wiping down a shower glass is a much simpler process than attempting to clean a shower curtain, and keeping your glass sparkling is an easy step that makes a major difference in the overall appearance of your bathroom space. 

If you already have a glass shower enclosure, consider updating it with a frameless glass shower. This will help open up your space giving the feel of not just serene, but luxury. Not sure what types of shower enclosures you can start imaging in your bathroom, take a scroll on Pinterest or look through our favorite walk-in shower trends for this year. Check with a local glass shop, some will do free consultations to see if updating your shower enclosure is in your budget. Even simply updating the shower hardware like the shower head and door handle can even help create a serene feel.

Ambient spa-like bathroom.

Ambient spa-like bathroom.

Install Ambient Lighting 

Without a shower curtain to dim even a decent light, you can take full advantage of the atmosphere that just the right lighting can create. Rather than struggling with one questionable bulb that barely provides enough light to see, replacing the lighting system in your home came with an alternative that creates the experience you want can be an important step in upgrading a basic shower space. Replacing a bulb that creates yellow light with one that is as white as possible is a simple fix that can immediately make your shower experience a bit better, and installing additional lighting options that match styles you might see in a spa or upscale hotel can completely transform a basic bathroom space into a serene bathroom.

Replacing traditional lightbulbs with flat lights that blend into your ceiling instead of sticking out to create a sleek, minimalist look. Although bright, white lighting can go a long way as far as creating a soothing environment for your shower on its own, you can also add colored bulbs to create a soft glow that fills the room with your favorite hue. Whether this shade matches your decor or creates the only color in an otherwise white bathroom, getting your lighting exactly how you want it is an important step in making your shower uniquely you. 

Updated bathroom tiled floors and frameless shower.

Updated bathroom tiled floors and frameless shower.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Floor 

Although you will not necessarily see your bathroom floor while you are actually in the shower, stepping out of your beautiful shower onto an old, ugly floor can make it difficult to maintain the calm mood your shower may have given you. Replacing your unattractive floor with something new completes the progress that upgrading your walls makes toward improving the overall appearance of your bathroom itself, which is an important first step in making sure that the details that will tie your shower and the rest of your bathroom together have an aesthetic background. This step is even more important if you choose to use a simple shower stall with a floor that is an extension of your bathroom floor instead of a bathtub. 

Updated bathroom with natural wood and frameless shower

Updated bathroom with natural wood and frameless shower.

Incorporate Natural Beauty 

Bringing a bit of the outdoors into your bathroom is a simple and calming way to connect with nature while you are in the shower. From setting a few succulents on your window sill to choosing flowers that coordinate with the colors of your bathroom décor for your counters, plants of any style naturally add a calming touch to your bathroom or any other room. Keeping the humidity of your shower in mind is an important step in choosing plants that will be able to thrive in a warm and damp bathroom environment. Options that may look beautiful early on, but will need to be replaced frequently, are not the most cost-effective options. Choosing fabric flowers can be an easy alternative, and they can look almost as real when viewed through a glass shower wall.

Eucalyptus leaves in the shower to aromatherapy

Eucalyptus leaves in the shower to aromatherapy.

Fill Your Bathroom With Your Favorite Scents 

Your favorite calming scents do not have to be limited to your shower gel and shampoo. Although these products are the most obvious starting point for showering while surrounded by scents that make you feel happy and relaxed, turning your basic shower into a soothing escape gives you plenty of options for filling your entire bathroom with your favorite scents. Lighting your favorite candles can go a long way toward making your shower feel elegant and soothing, especially if you can also see them through a glass shower wall in addition to smelling them. To finish off a shower update, hanging some eucalyptus leaves on your shower head have some great benefits on top of making your shower experience serene. 

Room sprays, air fresheners, and even flowers can also help keep your bathroom smelling fresh even when you are not using it to make it ready to enjoy a soothing shower whenever you need it. Whether you want to use multiple products with the same scent for the longest-lasting freshness or layer scents that complement one another to create something even more special, you have plenty of options for making sure your shower and the rest of your bathroom smell exactly how you want them to. 

Water pressure from a shower head.

Water pressure from a shower head.

Adjust the Water Pressure and Check on the Water Heater

A slow, weak stream of water is not very relaxing, and solving a problem with your water pressure can be a quick fix when it comes to making any shower feel more like a spa. Adjusting one of the most basic elements of your shower is a helpful first step in creating showers you actually enjoy before you start adjusting the aesthetic appearance of your shower to make it more visually appealing. Although poor water pressure can come from a variety of issues with your plumbing, some of the most common situations that can lead to water pressure problems include clogged or leaking plumbing, a malfunctioning water main valve, or a regulator problem. 

Likewise, if you can never get your shower above lukewarm no matter how long you run it, it’s time for an upgrade. Although water that is somewhat cooler tends to be better for your skin on a regular basis, sometimes a hot, steamy shower is exactly what you need to relax and melt away the stress of the day. A shower that is at the wrong temperature often makes you want to finish quickly and get out instead of taking a few extra minutes to enjoy it, and repairing or replacing your water heater is an important step in making sure you can always get the temperature of your shower exactly where you want it. 



Glass Guru’s glass shower walls are only the beginning when it comes to a shower update that creates a spa-like experience every time you use it. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of choosing us as the first step in turning your shower into a soothing escape or to get started!