Walk-in Shower Ideas for 2022

If your bathroom is feeling a little dated, consider updating your shower or walk-in shower. Not sure where to start? We helped you out by finding the hottest walk-in shower ideas for you. 

Fixed glass shower enclosure

Small Fixed Glass Walk-in 

If you are updating a bathtub-shower combination, the simplest upgrade is to get a new shower pan and install a fixed glass panel. This eliminates a door and a shower curtain but elevates your shower space while keeping your smaller bathroom, airy and seamless. If you are still wanting a tub, you can replace your existing tub, and still install a fixed glass panel on your tub extending to the ceiling. This helps your shower-bath combo still look luxurious and pampered without closing it off with a wall or shower curtain. 

Spa-like shower in a primary bathroom.

Spa Centered Walk-in

Having a shower that feels soothing and welcoming with a spa-like feel is obtainable. Making your shower tile match the wall color, or going with natural-looking elements in your bathroom will help achieve these looks and feel. Adding in a clean place to keep your products as well, like a built-in wall shelf or a small raised platform to prop your shower products helps give a spa forward feel. Rainfall shower heads with extra handheld showerheads add to a squeaky clean refreshing feel. Keeping those glass walls and doors frameless also adds a soothing touch to any shower. To give extra steam benefits, keep the shower area-wide, and add glass walls almost all the way to the ceiling. This will create steam in your shower but will help ventilate it out. 

Bathtub in a walk-in shower

Glass Walk-in with a Tub

If you have a larger bathroom and love to wow, having a large-scale walk-in shower with a tub in the shower can do just that. Enclose your bathing area with glass walls from ceiling to floor. You could go without a door, or continue the all-glass with wide and tall frameless glass doors. Add shelving between your tub and shower system to place products and plants to help give a luxurious feel. This is also a fun option for those that enjoy baths, but always remember they need to wash their hair after they run a bath. 

Houzz Tour in a Los Angeles house

Shower Room with a Full Glass Door 

If you have an older home, you probably have a “shower room”. Which is just a shower with three enclosed walls, and is typically small. To help open this up, without knocking down walls, use the whole opening as a door frame. Install a full-length frameless glass door with slim handles. Make sure the doors do not go all the way to the ceiling as you will need ventilation for the steam. If you feel discouraged, Tiffany Leigh Design has some fabulous shower room design ideas that are simply drool worthy. Even if you don’t have a shower room, you might want one after looking at how cool they are. 

Walk-in shower with no door

Who Needs Doors?

If you have an open space for your shower, consider going big. Have glass walls from ceiling to floor, and then an opening. No door. This gives an element of grandiose for your shower and bathroom. This especially works well for modern or minimalistic design styles. Having no door and clear glass walls gives an effortless and seamless look to any bathroom. The downfall of having no doors to your walk-in shower, there is a bit of a draft and less steam. So if you like to take steamy showers, maybe this isn’t the best option for you. 

If you’re looking into a big shower remodel or a small one, inspiration always helps. Knowing what you need out of your shower is also important. Gather up your list of wants and needs and think on how much you use your shower. That will help you gage how big or small you’ll want to go. For more design inspiration, we are loving Good House Keeping’s top bathroom trends for 2022 to read for all the inspo.

Let The Professionals Help 

It’s hard to make a decision on what your new shower will look like, so scroll through some photos and take your inspiration to your local glass experts, The Glass Guru. We can help you elevate your shower to achieve your glass-enclosed dreams.  Once you have your shower updated, you may find your vanity mirror needs some updating as well.