Decorating with a Mirror: 5 Tips to Help Elevate Your Space

Sometimes, mirrors get overlooked on being incorporated into decorating the home. Decorating with a mirror or two throughout your home can elevate and help your style shine through. Most homeowners know the rule that mirrors help make spaces feel bigger and brighter, but there are tips to help you maximize the benefits of decorating using mirrors. Don’t worry, we found those tips for you. 

Mirror in a reading corner.

Mirror Tip #1: Reflection 

In order to have the biggest impact on your lighting and to open the space up, what is being reflected in your mirror is important. For instance, if you place a mirror in a room, and when you look into the mirror, and all you see is the blank wall, this will not give the illusion of a bigger and brighter room. The safest reflection in a mirror is a window. Try to hang mirrors opposite of windows to help the light hit it directly and disperse through the room. If where you are hanging your mirror is not across from a mirror, then hang it where an interesting light fixture hangs or opposite from an art piece. If this is going on the floor, make sure a window is visible and so are most of the furniture pieces in the room. This really drives the bigger space illusion home. Making your mirror a focal point, you can place it above a mantle or over an entryway table. Adding sconces on either side of your mirror will also give it some major impact. Decorating with a mirror only works when you use the reflective element to your benefit. 

Decorative mirrors in a mid-century modern sitting room.

Mirror Tip #2: Mirrors Can Go Anywhere

Mirrors also work very well if you have maybe an awkward niche or area of your house. If you have built-in bookshelves around a fireplace, making the back mirrored is a great option to help keep those built-ins fresh and open. If you have an alcove, add a mirror. Having multiple mirrors along with other decorative pieces in a narrower hallway can help add dimension. Don’t forget, you don’t have to have just one mirror. If you are not sure really what to do with a space, when in doubt, decorate with a mirror. Tired of staring at a blank wall? Mirror. A corner of the room feels empty? Standing mirror. Bathroom just not speaking to you anymore? Change up that vanity mirror. 

Mirror over a mantel in a eclectic living room.

Mirror Tip #3: Get the Ratio Right

Having the best proportional ratio correct for your mirror size over furniture can either make or break the scene. It is always safer to have the mirror as wide as the furniture piece. If you have a wider-set furniture piece, go for a taller-looking mirror. Keeping the mirror as close as possible to the size of your furniture or architectural piece is important. If you don’t consider the ratio, then your space can look awkward. If you aren’t a fan of big mirrors, multiple mirrors work. Decorating with a mirror of walls is a great way to add an impactful element to your space.  Having mirrors pour equally across a section of a wall, will also make the wall feel bigger and taller. Make sure the mirrors balance out with the furniture pieces they are next to. 

Round mirror and table with accessories.

Mirror Tip #4: Shape Helps 

Sometimes, going outside of the box is the best decision. Especially when it comes to decorating with mirrors. If you have a lot of harsher lined and boxy furniture, adding a circular or round-shaped mirror can help soften the room. If you have a lot of organically shaped furniture, having a clean-lined straight rectangle mirror will help balance your room. If minimalism and a modern sleek look is what you’re going for, keep that theme in your mirror by having a sleek and sharp edge mirror with no frame. Minimalistic styles go well with slim mirrors with thin frames. Of course, if minimalist eccentric is your style, then bend all the rules and find a unique framed mirror that speaks to your heart. 

Mirror wall in a chic living room.

Mirror Tip #5: You Hear Us, Mirror Wall

Bigger is better can be used here. Decorating with a mirror wall can elevate any space. Mirror walls tend to do very well in small rooms. Having a reflective surface that runs floor to the ceiling helps give the room an illusion that it is bigger than what it truly is. There are endless possibilities with a mirror wall. Maybe a whole mirror wall seems overwhelming, having storage spaces like cabinetry and such feature mirrors that take up the doors, could be a perfect choice for your space. Who said you couldn’t make sure you looked flawless while working from home in your office space with your cabinet doors? You could also use a wall mirror to decorate your home gym or bathroom. There are just too many great choices you can’t go wrong with when it comes to a wall mirror. 

Large mirror in an elegant room.

Decorating With Mirrors and the Experts 

We could go on and on about how great mirrors are and how to add them to your space, The Spruce could probably agree with us on that. When you’re ready to live out all of your wildest mirror dreams, call your friendly neighborhood mirror expert. The Glass Guru would love to help you reflect on your mirror dreams.