Glass Shelving, Is It a Trend or Timeless?

Staying up with home trends can take time and effort. When you see a simple trend that is timeless, it makes it an easier decision to run with. Glass shelving may be just the design element you’re looking for. Granted, a shelf made from glass can sound a bit unrealistic. We will reveal why this trend is catching steam all over again. Making an informed decision regarding home design trends is the best way to decorate your space. Working with a glass expert, you can help take this cyclical design trend to the next level. 


Where Can Glass Shelving Be Used

The short answer is anywhere, but we don’t give short answers here. Glass shelves can work in your bathroom, home office, living room and bedroom. You can attach the glass shelves right to the walls or buy a shelving unit with glass shelves. These shelves work best with minimalist, art deco and modern design styles. Having shelves made of glass will allow more light transmission through areas of your home. Because the shelves are not blocking any light from passing through, the light that passes through the shelves illuminates what often can be dark spaces among the shelves. This can work well in small spaces or darker areas of your home. 

If you’re warming up to the glass shelf trend and want to carry it into other areas of your home, putting glass into existing furniture can also work. Adding glass shelving to kitchen cabinets or china cabinets can be the perfect touch. Open glass shelving or placed inside cabinets can be a beautiful addition to your bathroom. If you’ve added glass to any cabinet, consider adding lighting inside of these cabinets. The light will pass through each shelf, casting a warm glow over the entirety of the cabinet interior. This look can really elevate your space. 


glass shelving in kitchen cabinet

Glass shelving in a kitchen cabinet.

Getting Started with Glass Shelving

What type of glass shelving do you want? You can have floating glass shelves, glass shelves with metal or wood attaching, or free-standing metal or wood shelves. Most glass shelving is made from tempered glass, so it’s less intimidating and dangerous if broken. Getting together an idea of the style of your home and what you want out of your shelf is a great way to start narrowing down your thoughts and ideas. 

Once you figure out the aesthetic and design you want for your glass shelves, you can start gathering information. If you want the floating shelves, you’ll want a stronger glass. It’s ok to start shopping for the décor you want to put on your shelves. Most décor will be able to sit fine on your shelving.  


glass shelving in a bathroom

Floating glass shelving for a bathroom.


Benefits of Glass Shelving 

Having your stuff look like they’re floating on thin air is cool, but there are some other pros to having glass shelving. They can be fairly easy to install if you’re not buying a free-standing glass shelving unit. Having a clear shelf is easier to keep clean. For one, you will be able to see the dust easier, a not-so-subtle reminder to clean it more often. Don’t worry; glass shelves are fairly easy to clean. Just grab a damp microfiber towel and wipe. Let the shelf dry and put everything back. You’re done! Having glass shelving inside cabinets will get dusty less often, which is nice. If you like the open glass shelf look, that will keep you just a little business with the upkeep, but its beautiful look can make it worth the extra effort.  

The biggest benefit of glass shelving is that it can keep your space open and airy. Fewer shadows are cast in a room when creating clear furniture pieces. Things that are being displayed will be more visible. That ability to illuminate contents is why glass shelving has become a timeless design element. The greatest architects use glass frames in their buildings, allowing light to pass through their design rather than around them. 


glass shelving with metal

Metal and glass shelving unit.

Call a Neighborhood Glass Expert You Can Trust

If glass shelving sounds like something you’d like to see in at least one part of your home, you need to reach out to a local glass company that’s knowledgeable and experienced in utilizing glass in this manner. Once you’ve found a glass shop that feels right, take the time to give them a call or go see them in person at a local showroom. Sometimes, it may make more sense for them to come to you. A good glass pro can help you determine if this timeless design trend would be a good element to bring into your space.

Sitting down and designing your space with a glass expert will help you feel confident in your choice and may even bring light to design ideas and even other helpful tips, like cleaning glass, you may not have considered before. Lean on the ones you can trust, and reach out to a trusted local glass shop