The Glass Guru and Squeegee Squad Join Forces in a Cross-Promotional Referral Partnership

It’s official! Crystal-clear windows and exceptional service are about to reach new heights!  We are pleased to announce the launching of a new referral partnership between The Glass Guru and Squeegee Squad.  Recognizing the shared commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, The Glass Guru and Squeegee Squad have come together to create a dynamic cross-promotional referral partnership.


About The Brands

Both franchise brands are well-established and renowned within the home services franchise space, but with slightly differing entrance points into the consumer experience.

For Squeegee Squad, the menu of services includes a robust list of cleaning services from Pressure & Soft Washing and Roof & Solar Washing to Gutter and Residential Window Cleaning.  Franchise Consultant Magazine recently featured Squeegee Squad as a premier emerging brand citing the brand’s sustainable growth and impressive services menu. The article points out “While Squeegee Squad’s business model is simple, the emerging brand sets itself apart with expanded services and a customer-centric focus.”  Squeegee Squad’s model serves huge markets in both residential and commercial spaces and boasts large protected territories.

The Glass Guru enters the customer experience as America’s favorite neighborhood glass shop, supplying an impressive menu of services related to the restoration, repair or replacement of glass across many applications.  Whether the need is specialized such as custom glass doors, mirrors, or shower enclosures, or more common such as residential foggy window repair, The Glass Guru is the one-stop-shop for all things glass.  With over 80 franchises in the US and Canada, the Glass Guru has experienced consistent growth and has been recognized by Franchise Business Review as a “Top Innovative Franchise,” “Top Franchise Culture,” “Top Recession-Proof Franchise,” and “Top Franchise Satisfaction” award winner for ten consecutive years,  making them a “Franchise Satisfaction Hall of Fame.” member.

The partnership combines two like-minded brands that do not directly compete, but can now offer a direct and vetted solution when customer needs an ancillary service they do not offer.  Said another way, why send a friend back to the market, when you can send them to someone you trust?


When Brands Join Forces, The Consumer Always Wins

One of the many benefits of joining forces is the lead generating referral process in the area of residential windows.  With a significant portion of Squeegee Squad’s business coming in the form of residential window cleaning, their teams in the field will often come across windows that appear extremely dirty, but actually don’t need cleaning.  That is because the window has built up moisture between the two panes of glass and is now what is categorized as a “foggy window.”  Enter The Glass Guru, who specifically offers foggy window repair as a signature service, allowing the customer the option of repairing or replacing the foggy window they mistakenly thought was simply dirty.  This happens enough that it is beneficial for Squeegee Squad to have a trusted company to refer when foggy window repair is needed, rather than simply sending the customer back into the market.

On the other side of that coin, The Glass Guru services hundreds of customers a day that either repair or replace their windows, leaving the remaining and surrounding windows of the home in obvious need of cleaning.  This is particularly common in situations where there are home itself is being sold or when a home was recently purchased.  In most cases, The Glass Guru’s service teams are creating an obvious mismatch in the overall look of the repaired or replaced window, making the others look old or dingy.  In each case, the opportunity now exists to refer those customers to Squeegee Squad, not just for the initial cleaning, but for a recommended incremental cleaning program, which will extend the expected life of the windows themselves. The recommendation is more often acted upon when the iron is struck while it’s hot.  A referral partnership gives The Glass Guru a partner they can trust for customers to keep their glass looking great.


This new and exciting partnership of powerhouse brands enables both to create even greater value to customers by referring services just outside of their scope to a trusted and vetted partner in the industry.  The move will generate additional lead flow and create greater brand awareness in 30 overlapping territories, a number that will grow as the brands do.  All things considered, it’s a win for all involved.





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