Top Mirror Design Trends

Household design choices are a reflection of you, the homeowner. And no piece of decor reflects that better, and more literally, than the mirror. Like the outfits we try on in front of these looking glasses, the mirror itself has changed with the times.

Today the mirror itself can be as bold as your hair choices. Contemporary mirror designs bridge together function and fun to add essential pieces to your interior design.

Here’s what this guide to the top trends in mirror decor ideas will cover:

  • Trending Bathroom Mirror Designs
  • Top Bedroom Mirror Designs
  • Mirrors As Decor
  • Getting These Trends Into Your Home

Trending Bathroom Mirror Designs

A quintessential part of self-care, the bathroom mirror has experienced a bit of a makeover itself this year. The bathroom trends for mirror design ideas include:

  • Rounded Edges
  • Circular Mirrors
  • Brass Frames
  • LED Backlit Mirrors

A new bathroom mirror just might be the trick you need to freshen up this space. Is it time your morning routine really shines? Let’s dive into each of these trends in bathroom mirrors, so you can get started on that bathroom glow-up. Also, check out a list of the top shower designs if you are looking for a full remodel.

Rounded Edges

The interior design site Decoist says, “Throw in curved edges, and you have an instant, eye-catching update on a standard design!”

They’re not wrong. Just this simple touch can help your bathroom get away from our old standard, the rectangular mirror.

Going Full Circle

If you’re looking for a bold, modern take on a bathroom mirror, consider going with a perfectly circular mirror, free-floating above your bathroom sink.

This bold move lets you limit the bathroom mirror’s focus to what matters most—your face. It really can give your entire space a sleeker vibe, too.

Go Bold with Brass

There is one major choice when you’re in the market for a mirror: frame or no frame.

If you go the frame route, one undeniable trend in bathroom mirrors is brass framing. Brass has made its way into all sorts of interior design as of late. In small, tasteful touches, it can serve as a comforting bit of nostalgia, calling back to the heyday of Art Deco design.

Pro Tip: Antiqued brass will provide a more classic look to any mirror design.

Light It Up With LED Mirrors

A bathroom mirror that features built-in LED lighting will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a professional makeup studio as you put on your final touches.

Pro Tip: Many homeowners are wary of LED mirrors due to their brightness. Work with your mirror provider to find a mirror that offers a dimming feature. That way, you can cast the entire room in the most flattering light.

Shapes Outside The Box

Geometric-shaped mirrors combine minimalistic style with modern elegance. The mirror itself becomes a functional statement piece within your bathroom, elevating the space to a whole new level of sophistication.

From rhomboid-shaped mirrors to reflective hexagons, there is an array of geometric mirror shapes you can choose from to find your perfect modern match.

Top Bedroom & Closet Mirrors

It’s time to strike a pose with the help of the perfect bedroom and closet mirror.

Like the bathroom vanity mirror, the baseline of this mirror option is functional. If you’re still using the same mirror that’s been hanging on your closet door frame since your dorm room days, consider these trending options instead:

  • Free-Standing Mirrors
  • Mirrored Wall and Doors
  • Natural Wood Framed Mirror

Free-Standing Mirrors

One of the most design-forward options for the bedroom is the free-standing vertical mirror. There are so many reasons free-standing mirrors are trending in interior design magazines lately.

  • Minimal Installation – Most versions of the free-standing mirror simply lean against the wall—simple, functional, and no cumbersome installation equipment required.
  • Mobile – For the restless spirits out there, you’re going to love a mirror you can move on a whim.
  • Variety of Styles – Think rounded edges and antique mirror metal framing in brass or polished nickel. You can find free-standing frames to match almost any style.

Pro Tip: If you’re also looking for additional storage space in your home, a free-standing mirror may offer a unique solution. Many free-standing mirrors come with small storage options or shelves at the base.

Mirror Walls and Doors

There are two present takes in this department that are popular right now:

  • Sliding Barn Door Mirrors – The sliding barn door is becoming a staple of rustic home design, and industrious folks have begun to add that function to their wardrobe mirrors.
  • Full Mirrored Wall – Fresh takes on full mirror walls bring this 70s home decor essential to the 21st century. You may find a full decorative wall mirror with etchings, geometric paneling, or even a mix of smaller mirrors and marble to add modern flair and function to your home.

Natural Wood Frames

A timeless choice, touches of wood throughout your bedroom can offer warmth in the one-room you prize for its coziness.

Pro Tip: Take this style one step further with “live edge” mirror framing. It’s a style of furniture that incorporates and celebrates the wood’s unique character without too much polish.

Mirrors As Decor

Beyond using mirrors for your everyday use, mirrors are now used as essential tools for interior design. Some uses of mirrors in this fashion include:

  • Mirrors to Brighten a Room
  • Using Mirrors as a Focal Point
  • A Mirror in Place of a Window
  • Mirrors to Double a Space
  • Mirrors as Art

Now let’s dive in a bit more.

Mirrors to Brighten a Room

According to design blog Oka, mirrors and windows are perfect partners when it comes to adding a luminous quality to the spaces of your home.

A mirror placed opposite a window allows natural light to reach deeper into your home. This placement will also reflect light onto your space differently as the hours of the day go by. Not only will you enjoy the use of a mirror for its usual purposes, but you can bring a wonderful light show into your home throughout the day.

Using Mirrors as a Focal Point

Most commonly used in a dining room, a modern and stylish mirror can elegantly showcase the dinner table, a sacred space where your family breaks bread.

Like the family or friends you see gathering in the reflection, this mirror should be special to you. Think bold shapes and framing. One trend we see making the rounds is an accent mirror made of circular glass, with gold asymmetrical concurrent circles as the frame.

A Mirror in Place of a Window

Consider decorating your windowless rooms with mirrors that are framed to look like actual windows. There are so many fun options out there, and they really can transform a walled-off space.

Mirrors Can Double a Space

From cramped pantries to a tight hallway, expert designers use mirrors to create the illusion that a home is more spacious.

PRO TIP: Working from home? One of the top trends these days is creatively placing mirrors on the wall of your home office. Your space will feel less cramped, and your work area may wind up becoming the most stylish part of your home.

Mirrors as Art

Mirrors allow you to make a bold statement with artistic reflective pieces. Some of the most notable trends in mirrors reflecting more fun than function include:

  • Mirror Collages – These decorative mirror collages are made from a collection of smaller, asymmetric mirror chunks. The overall effect can be stunning.
  • Distressed Surfaces – Mirrors with distressed surfaces emanate a vintage feel in any room.
  • Industrial Frames – Made from iron pipes, some industrial frames even come modded with working Edison bulbs.

Getting These Trends In Your Own Home

Once you settle on the mirror you want to see yourself with (and in), there are a few easy ways to add these stylish mirrors into your home.

Here are your options for snagging these top trends:

  • Call a Professional – Calling local glass professionals, like the Glass Gurus, can make any of these projects a reality. And there are some serious perks to calling a pro:
    • They can offer expertise on your vision.
    • Professional installation could help you dream even bigger.
  • Go Shopping – Now that you have a style in mind, shopping should be a great deal easier. Make sure to double-check your dimensions if you’re ordering online.
  • Do It Yourself – One last option is to join a growing number of DIY enthusiasts who are taking matters into their own hands, building their own works of art that seem to always reflect a perfect portrait of the artist.

Install a Looking Glass You’ll Love with Glass Guru

At Glass Guru, we know the difference a new mirror can make in your home—it gives your space a whole new look. Trust our team of local service professionals to help you find the perfect match for your bedroom, bathroom, or beyond.

Whether you’re interested in transforming an entire wall of your house into a mirror or hoping to spruce up your bathroom and put yourself in a more flattering light, Glass Guru can guide you to your home’s best look yet.


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