Top Shower Design Trends 2021

A well-designed bathroom shower can offer more than simply a place to freshen up after a long day. Modern shower designs offer an unmatched form of escape and relaxation, letting you get away from the stresses of the day without having to step out of your home.

Trending shower designs all point in one direction: luxurious and spa-like experiences. Whether you’re looking to revitalize an old shower or bring in a fully renovated new system, there are countless upgrades available to everyday homeowners. There’s never been a better time to freshen up your shower.

With so many exciting developments in the world of modern shower design, these are trends that have made the most impact in 2020:

  • Trending Design Aesthetics
  • In Vogue Shower Enclosures
  • Modern Shower Heads
  • Unique Seating
  • Stylish Effects for the Senses

Let’s turn up the heat and jump into these shower bathroom trends.

Trending Design Aesthetics

Contemporary bathroom design is elevating the shower as a work of art. A glimpse of these modern bathroom showers exudes a promise of rejuvenation, even when the water isn’t running. Many of these trends connect directly to the styles you see popping up across other rooms in the home.

The following movements in shower design aesthetics have been making waves in the industry, and we think they’re ready to make an impression in your home, too:

  • Marble – A classic choice in any bathroom, marble has been incorporated in the design for its beauty since ancient Greece. Often, however, designers play it safe with commonplace marble, such as Tuscan-quarried Carrara. Marble varies based on the location it’s sourced. And marble’s diversity is what’s trending these days. Here are a few varieties that are particularly popular:
    • Port Saint Laurent
    • Hermes Spider Marble
    • Caribbean Island Marble
  • Antique Metal Fixtures – Something about the bathroom space lends itself to the classic look of antique fixtures, with faux-antique or the real thing. This look can be pulled off with salvaged fixtures, or by selecting polishing metals to age their look. Look for fixtures made of:
    • Copper
    • Brass
    • Polished Nickel
  • Artful Shower Tile Work – While the subway tile look is still holding strong, alternate patterns could help your shower stand out. We’ve got our eye on these trends:
    • Herringbone patterns
    • Diamond designs
    • Pinwheel patterns

Pro-Tip: For obvious reasons, a bathroom full of marble tiles can be a costly design choice. If full marble tile walls test your financial reach, consider using marble accents, such as a marble step into the shower. Adding a touch of class, homeowners can still get some shine for their buck.

In Vogue Shower Enclosures

A shower enclosure is typically defined as the watertight structure of the shower. These enclosures traditionally consisted of fully enclosing walls. In the quest to create a spa-like home experience, these modern “enclosures” are often not even enclosed at all.

These shower designs are throwing out the rules and revolutionizing home bathrooms in the process. Let’s review some of the modern enclosures trending today in the world of shower design:

  • Stand-Alone Shower – Called by many names (stand-up shower, walk-in shower), this is a dedicated shower space, separate from the bathtub. While this has been commonly used for small bathroom spaces, it’s now trending as an expression of luxury in large bathrooms with separate and dedicated spaces for the tub and shower.
  • Frameless Glass Shower – Unlike most glass shower enclosure options, frameless glass showers are made from tempered glass that doesn’t require metal support for function. This marvel is an excellent choice for homeowners searching for clean, minimalist design options.
  • Steam Shower – An addition we see popping up everywhere with homeowners is the upgrade to a steam shower. With the touch of a button, your everyday shower is turned into a soothing sauna.
  • Doorless Shower – This is the new shower design really pushing the definition of shower enclosures. In doorless showers, a short shower wall surrounds the shower footprint. That keeps the water where it belongs and really opens up your bathroom for a modern feel.

Pro-Tip: Tempered glass is a compressed and toughened glass often installed by experts, like the ones at The Glass Guru. If you’re curious about upgrading to a frameless glass shower, their team offers easy estimates and consultation.

Trending Shower Heads

From drops that feel like rainfall to jets that launch invigorating pressure at your command, a top-notch shower head is the key to a great shower. While some showerheads are appreciated for their beauty, it’s mostly about exciting new functions.

These showerheads have been calling a lot of attention lately:

  • Vertical Spas – Interior decorator Michelle Radcliff, in design blog LoveToKnow, calls a vertical spa the “ultimate luxury shower system.” With wall-mounted spouts in addition to the standard overhead features, a vertical spa offers a surrounding parade of satisfaction.
  • Monsoon Shower Heads – Inspired by natural rainfall, monsoon shower heads are often substantial in size to provide the tranquil feeling of your own private tropical downpour.

Pro-Tip: Those interested in heavier rains should consider “supergiant” monsoon showerheads. These showerheads take leisure to new heights and generate rainforest-like deluges.

Unique Shower Seating

A good hot soak in the bath has always felt more indulgent than a quick shower. But shower designs trending in magazines tell us that homeowners are in no rush to leave the shower either. That’s why they’re adding unique shower seating to their bathroom design.

If you’re looking to soak up your shower time a bit longer, look no further than these shower seating options.

  • Built-In Benches – If you plan on sitting in the shower often, the sturdiest option is the built-in bench. The most stunning built-in benches are elegantly incorporated into the shower design, matching the tile or marble used throughout the rest of the shower construction. Something to keep in mind here is the permanent loss of floor space and the increased costs of this route.
  • Floating Benches – Floating benches offer a minimal look for those searching for the functionality of a shower bench while maintaining their modern design aesthetic in the bathroom. Typically these are simply wall-mounted ledges, great for lifting a leg while shaving and grooming.
  • Folding Bench – If you’re looking for the option of sitting in your wonderful new shower, but aren’t married to the idea of permanently losing that much floor space, a folding bench is a great solution.

Pro-Tip: More than just functional, shower seating is key to shower accessibility for some homeowners. It may be worth considering if you or a loved one are in need of better access. To pair with functional seating, you may also want to consider installing railing and a non-slip shower floor. This combination will ensure the journey to relaxation is done safely.

Stylish Effects For Showers

A world-class shower experience goes beyond the sense of touch. Sure, it’s mostly about that feeling of the water coming down at the perfect temperature and pressure. But, just like aesthetically pleasing shower designs provide a major step toward luxury, other trends are showcasing the many ways our other senses can be soothed.

And many of the hottest new designs are using technology to fully transform washrooms into a full spa-like experience.

Fully escape into your new shower paradise with the help of these upgrades.

  • Spa Lighting – We love the way Darklight Design describes well-appointed bathroom lighting as “the canvas on which you can sketch your ideal bathing space.” From the subtle glow emanating from cove lighting to atmospheric color-changing lights in your shower space, there are endless new options to bathe yourself in light while you shower.
  • Audio Effects – An immersive spa experience can be achieved simply by complementing the pitter-patter of rainfall with your soothing music of choice. Current trends in this space point to the appropriately named “sound showers” that are installed in the ceiling above, and can direct audio exclusively down to you.

Install Your Dream Shower with the Glass Guru

The Glass Guru, and their team of local experts, specialize in glass restoration and replacement in bathrooms. They play a vital role in creating dream showers for their customers.

From restoring old shower glass to its former glory to fully replacing shower enclosures past their prime, we’re the world-class professionals right around the corner. We can also help with installing mirrors in your bathroom: check out mirror decor ideas.

Offering the best in brands, styles, and service, the Glass Guru has everything you might need to give your shower a fresh new look. If you’re dreaming of a spa-like experience in your own home, the neighborhood glass experts at the Glass Guru are standing by to help.

We’re just one step along the journey toward relaxation.


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